7 Secret Habits Fitness Models Live By To Stay Fit All Year Round.

7 Secret Habits Fitness Models Live By To Stay Fit All Year Round.

7 Secret Habits Fitness Models Live By To Stay Fit All Year Round.


We want to look lean and tight all year round, with ab definition and toned physiques that grace the pages of Instagram. We want to look like fitness models ideally, don’t we?

The BIG FAT SECRET that fitness models live by and don’t want you to know is that diet 100% controls your body fat. So, if you can be consistent and smart with your eating habits – you too can look fit and bikini ready all year round.

And we can. It’s a choice, it’s simple, and anyone can do it!

Staying lean is a habit and a bunch of little choices you make daily.

I’m not going to lie and say it’s easy to make the right choices all the time, when there is so much distraction and temptation around and most choices we are faced with daily, will not bring us the lean fitness-model-like physique we aspire to.

But the strategies to get lean and stay lean are simple. This is seriously THE LAW to staying lean forever. And I want to share these simple ‘secret’ strategies with you. Strategies that the leanest and healthiest use to get lean and stay lean almost effortlessly.

#1 Don’t Eat Carbs For Breakfast – EVER: Eating man-made carbs for breakfast, will make your body hungrier and encourage use of carbs for energy rather than stored fat and get you off the glycaemic-insulin treadmill that promotes weight-gain, sluggishness, mid-afternoon crashes and yo-yo dieting.

Carbs cause insulin spikes which lead to immediate blood sugar drop, followed by hunger, cravings and tiredness and the old eating habits and fat gain starts all over again! The best breakfasts are a combination of good fats + protein + fibre + water.

Fitness Model Secret #1: Breakfast Bio-Available Smoothie – the best way to set your day up for success. See super simple+fast recipe below.

#2 Eat 3 Main Macro Balanced Meals Per Day: For many years we have been told that small, regular meals are the way to go when it comes to optimising metabolic rate and supporting weight loss, but new research has found that frequent eating does us more harm than good and is linked to obesity and frequent snacking especially after 8pm. It is a complete and total MYTH that metabolism is boosted by snacking. End of story. Furthermore, it results in consuming snacks rather than complete meals with unbalanced intake of key nutrients: protein, carbs and fats – causing more cravings.

Fitness Model Secret #2: Eat 3 main meals consisting of protein, complex carbs and fats plus 1 snack only – or skip the snack altogether.

#3 Don’t Graze & Snack All Day Long: Constant snacking is one of the easiest ways to blow your calorie count out for the entire day. Snacking makes it hard to track calories and puts you in a ‘fed’ state – never really allowing you to tap into your fat stores and burn them for energy. You end up eating out of boredom, stress, sadness and habit rather than hunger, consuming way more calories (650+ more calories daily) than you think on TOP of your main meals.


Best of all, not snacking allows you learn to deal with feelings and emotions that you used to stuff down with food in other ways.

Fitness Model Secret #3: Snack ONCE only on fruit+15 nuts, small tub of plain Chobani Greek yoghurt+15 nuts or a green smoothie+15 nuts or go snack free for a month – the results are shocking! And when you can’t stop snacking … brush your teeth! No one wants to eat when the taste of mint is on your tongue.

#4 Leave 5 Hours Between Main Meals: Leave approximately 5 hours between eating each of the 3 main meals. That equates to 3 hours digesting, then at least 2 hours of burning fat stores. Within 3 hours post a meal you are in a ‘fed state’ and after that, several beneficial things happen; first, you tap into your body’s energy reserves (fat!) to run your engine, then your hormone levels adjust to shift your body out of fat-storage mode into fat-burning mode. In addition, hanging out in this post-absorptive state reduces free-radical damage and inflammation, increases the production of anti-aging hormones and promotes tissue repair.It is time to give your fat-burning systems a daily workout.


Fitness Model Secret #4: Sip on water with lemon, meditate or exercise and if the cravings gets strong, mix ¼ cup of Apple Cider Vinegar with 500ml of water and kill the cravings off.

#5 Drink 2-3L of Quality Water: Your body fat is like a sponge and contains toxins and water is essential to flush them out and decrease inflammation. An increase in water will also reduce fat deposits as it supports kidney function, and if the kidneys aren’t functioning optimally, the liver steps in, and as a result, it metabolises less fat; more fat remains in the body and weight loss halts.

Furthermore, water is the basis for every chemical reaction that takes place in your body, including the burning of fat and is a major key in glowing skin. When you aren’t taking in enough water, your body cannot do its job efficiently. Becoming even mildly dehydrated, will your body to slow down its metabolism to compensate. A slow, water-starved metabolism will not burn fat efficiently. If you want to lose weight, you need to consume water. Water will also help boost your calorie burn and eliminate tiredness (a mere 5% drop in water can cause 30% energy loss).


Fitness Model Secret #5: Drink 2-3L daily and religiously and watch your skin glow! Bottoms-up!

Clean Cheat Once Per Week Only #6: ‘Cheat Meals’ have little nutritive value, and while such foods can serve a physiological need, ‘Clean Cheats’ will provide all the physiological benefits of a junk food filled ‘Cheat Meal’ without adding kilos to your frame or making you feel bloated, gassy and swollen.Studies show that junk food specifically has powerful psychoactive effects, acting on the brain in ways similar to drugs and as soon as we consume that cookie, pizza or fries, we’re prone to want more of it because of the addiction ratio known as the 1-2 fat to carb ratios that makes junk and comfort food irresistible and addictive.

Fitness Model Secret #6: Fill up on quality grilled proteins, colourful salads and veggies dressed with non-creamy dressings, limit alcohol to 2-4 glasses, skip the breads, fries and dessert and if you must have carbs, eat 1 non-processed serving eg sweet potatoes, quinoa or fruit. Dessert can be an Espresso Martini, Bailey’s on ice and a few squares of good quality chocolate. Craving pizza or nacho’s? Make your own healthy versions.

Fitness Models Don’t Go To Bed Stuffed #7: This is important because the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is released at night and eating too late will interfere with this process. Eating right before you go to sleep, especially starchy carbs will increase your insulin levels. This is bad because about 80-90% of HGH (the Human Growth Hormone that controls aging, controls metabolism, cell growth and repair, and regulates your lean body mass to fat ratio) is released while you sleep and consequently, high levels of insulin in your blood restrict the quantity of HGH released in your bloodstream.

Fitness Model Secret #7: Eat 2-3 hours before going to bed.



BODYIQ Fitness Model Breakfast Smoothie

It’s basically a gigantic salad … if you could drink one – there’s literally no better way to start your day!

Supports gut health, liver, immune system, metabolic function, bone health, clear – radiant – luminous and glowing complexion, alkalises, nourishes at a cellular level, helps your body repair from inflammation, rich in trace minerals, supports the body’s natural detoxification process, balances gut health and digestion, bio-available form – loaded with omega 3, pro+prebiotics, fibre, dandelion, antioxidants and superfoods!


1 Heaped TSP Greens Powder (Welleco Super Elixir, Vita Greens or Cleanse by The Beauty Chef)

1/2c x Kefir

1 Fozen Zucchini for Creaminess

1 scoop of Vanilla Protein
Top with Cup Water

YOU MAY ADD / 60g frozen blueberries, ½ frozen banana, mint leaves, collagen powder, Matcha powder, Maca powder, ginger powder, turmeric, cinnamon. Change up your micro-nutrients weekly to keep it interesting and reap the array of health benefits.

METHOD / NutriBullet all ingredients … BOTTOMS UP!

Join BodyIQ for your customised bio-individual diet and lose 12-20kgs in 3 months without exercising!


Book your 15min complimentary Bikini Body Diet telephone consult and you will immediately discover the 3 mistakes, everyone makes in losing weight … and how to easily avoid these helping you lose those unwanted kilos faster than ever before.

Plus if you book now you will also receive a bonus ’13 Healthy Foods That Are Making You Fat’ eBook.

Email [email protected] – for more info.

By Kinga Czekalski
BODYIQ Founder, Nutritionist & IFBB Figure Champion

‘You are how you Eat+Move+Emote+Live!’

Instagram: @bodyiqme
Facebook: BodyIQ
Email: [email protected]
Website ‘Coming Soon’


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