Are You Sun Savvy?

Are You Sun Savvy?


We hear so much about skincare, but it really comes down to the basics. Are you doing all you can to protect your skin from the dangers of the sun’s powerful rays?


We hear about it constantly, we’re told from a young age, but practising proper sun safety is actually something that most of us fall short on. It’s crazy really, it’s actually so easy! So, to help you in these times of harsh summers, thanks to global warming, here are the best ways you can protect your skin from the sun, and stay healthier and younger for longer.


It Doesn’t Matter if It’s Cloudy!

Even if the sky isn’t blue you can still burn, and those UVA and UVB rays are still penetrating your skin. This means you need to wear an SPF of 30 or higher even when it’s cloudy. If you’re not sure how much to wear, picture a shot glass (yes, really), and fill it with your sunscreen. This is what you need. Make sure you apply it no less than 15 minutes before you’re planning to go outside, and make sure you keep topping it up regularly, especially if you go into the water. The best routine is two hourly for general wear, and every one hour if you’re swimming.


Don’t Forget Your Lips

Purchase a sunscreen which protects your lips from the sun’s rays, as these are prone to chapping and peeling. Again make sure you have an SPF 30 or higher rating on the product you choose, to avoid burning.


Cover Your Head!

This might sound so basic, but it’s surprising how many people forget! Make sure you cover your head, as it’s far too easy to suffer from sunstroke when the sun is directly on your head. This will also help to cut down on scalp burning, which is never pleasant, and headaches too.


Keep Young Children in The Shade

Children who are very young, e.g. 6 months or younger, have much more sensitive skin than adults, and as a result, they’re far more likely to burn. Wearing a high SPF will help, but keeping them in the shade and out of the sun completely is the best option altogether. In addition, it’s best for you to stay out of the sun during peak hours too, which is between 10 am and 4 pm.

Stay Hydrated, and Not With Alcohol!

You should keep drinking water throughout the day, on a regular basis, and avoid alcohol. It might be nice to have a cocktail or a cold beer in the sun, but you’re actually dehydrating your body and making yourself more susceptible to sunstroke and all manner of other nasty sun-related problems. Stick to the water, and wait for the sun to go down for the other stuff.

Are You Taking Medications?

Many people don’t even think about this one, but if you’re taking medications which may have a tendency to make you more sensitive to the effects of the sun, you might find yourself burning and becoming affected much more easily. It’s surprising how many regular medications actually have this effect, including many antibiotic medications, medications for blood pressure, and even anti-inflammatories. Even some anti-fungal medications can cause sun sensitivity. If you’re not sure, check things out with your doctor, but simply be careful in the sun regardless.

Hopefully, this will have given you a sharp reminder of how to remain totally safe in the sun. There’s no reason why you can’t go out there and enjoy the weather, but remember health should always come first.


Nicola Curtis


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