Festy Eyebrows Take Over Electric Garden Festival

Festy Eyebrows Take Over Electric Garden Festival

Festy Eyebrows Take Over Electric Garden Festival

Unless you have been living under a rock, fad makeup looks have been swirling around Summer festivals since the dawn of Triple J. The newest addition to the long list of festy trends are bold brows, used by fierce ladies and gents as a statement piece to complete already banging outfits. Using glitters, glosses, highlighters or face-jewels, we’ve seen Aussies smash out some awesome brow looks and now tequila brand Jose Cuervo is jumping on the band (or brow) wagon.


Cuervo’s Brow Bar will be glittering up Aussie brows in Tequila Town at EDM festival Electric Gardens this January. Tequila Town will browing it up at both Perth and Sydney dates. Tequila Town will be filled with dancing skeletons to boogie with and delicious tequila cocktails to gulp down whilst you wait for your brow transformation. The 4 terrific tequila dranks on offer include the Jose Cuervo Tommy’s Fizz, Jose Cuervo Ginger Muletta, Jose Cuervo Frozen Margarita and Jose Cuervo Fresca Fruit Cup.

Have a broooooowse of Cuerv’s Brow Bar menu:

The Añejo

Inspired by the ultimate Añejo tequila, get glitter-tastic with this gold leaf-esque texture. Although intricate, this brow look will pull together any festival look.








Just Browsing

Shimmer like a disco ball with this star-stopping choice. Using chunky bio-degradable glitter, this look is placed perfectly so no matter how hard you dance and sweat, you’ll rock your brows all day long.





Festival Fiesta

Did someone say EXTRA? The team at Beauty News are obsessed with this bold brow. With gorgeous stick on pearls, you’ll be sure to turn heads and fuel some serious hot pink envy.







Electric Garden festival goers can sign up on the day at Tequila Town for one of these three amazing looks.

So go forth my beautiful festies, and make sure your eyebrows are on fleek with Jose Cuervo!


Buy your Perth Electric Garden tickets here

Buy your Sydney Electric Garden tickets here


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