What on Earth Are Liquid Diets and Do They Really Help?

What on Earth Are Liquid Diets and Do They Really Help?

What on Earth Are Liquid Diets and Do They Really Help?

Liquid diets are so self-explanatory it’s a joke. But we’ll explain it anyway. Liquid diets mean that you’re getting most, if not all, of your calorie intake from consuming drinks and liquids. This can include juices, smoothies, shakes, and teas. This excludes Rosé, Moscato, Prosecco, and Tequila. Unfortunately for us.

Liquid diets have been around for the longest time, but do they actually help with anything? Am I actually losing weight by blending up my kale and carrots instead of just eating them like a normal human being?

Well. It really depends on how you go about it. When you cut down on calories very suddenly, your metabolism – clever little thing – slows down to allow you to save energy. That means that you hold onto calories and food for longer than you normally might. It’s very possible that you’ll just put back on all the weight you lost after you finish your liquid diet. Seem useless? Exactly.

Some liquid diets can also lack some essential food elements that we need to, you know, survive. Liquid diets should give you an equal balance of nutrients that you require, but some of them lack some essential fats, vitamins and carbohydrate. Not good.

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BUT, if you’re smart about your liquid consumption, you could see some great results. Juice diets increase your vitamin and antioxidant intake, which ups your energy and does some great things to your skin. For those of you aiming for short-term weight loss, liquid diets are the ones for you. They also take the stress out of portion control, because it’s all done for you. Could you really get anymore nifty?

The key to getting liquid diets to actually help is to not go full-blown cold-turkey right at the start. Don’t cut out food completely and just start chugging juice all day, every day. That’s going to open you up to a vault of problems that you just don’t want to even go near. Even if the vault is pink and bedazzled and promises you a million dollars when you open it. It’s not true and don’t do it.

Don’t replace all of your meals with liquids. Eat proper food for at least one meal a day. Take your juices and shakes for brekky or lunch, but eat a good hearty dinner at the end of the day. That ensures that your body is still getting those key fats, proteins, and carbohydrates that your juices may not be giving you.

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Our conclusion? As the professionals say: everything in moderation. Go right ahead and try a juice cleanse or a teatox if you really want. But make sure you’re paying more attention to how you feel, not how you look. And if something just doesn’t feel right, stop and seek medical help. You’ve only got one body – take care of her and nourish her like she deserves!

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Meg Gannon

Meg Gannon


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