Skip The Cost – Try DIY Facials Instead!

Skip The Cost – Try DIY Facials Instead!


We all want to look our very best, but sometimes, the purse strings just won’t stretch far enough! Does this sound like your life’s problem? You’re not alone.


There is some good news on the horizon however. If you’re a spa or health clinic fan, but you’re not loving the rise in prices, why not try doing your own DIY facial at home? The results are as close as you can get, and you’ll save a huge amount of cash too!


Let’s check out how to do it.


Equipment Needed

  • A hairband
  • Cleanser
  • Exfoliating scrub
  • Cotton pads – not balls
  • Toner
  • Three towels – terry cloth are best
  • Your favourite face mask
  • A light moisturiser



  1. Tie your hair back off your face
  2. Wash your face gently with lukewarm water
  3. Apply the cleanser and massage into your skin or a minute or so, make sure you cover your entire face
  4. Rinse off the cleanser and dab dry with a towel – your skin should be damp, not wet
  5. Take the exfoliating scrub and apply
  6. Take a slightly damp, and hot towel (not wet) and lay it over your face. You can relax now for around 3 minutes
  7. You now need to remove the scrub. You do this by using very small round motions, to remove dead skin cells and leave a fresh canvas behind. Rinse your face and dab dry once more
  8. Take one of the cotton pads and pour the toner onto it, squeezing out any excess product
  9. Wipe the cotton pad over your face, but avoid your eyes
  10. Take one of the towels and damp it with warm water, squeezing out the excess. Fold it lenthways
  11. Lie down and chill out now for around 8 minutes – you should place the towel over your face by arranging it so that only your mouth and nose are left uncovered
  12. Take your facemask and apply it as you normally would, avoiding the eyes. Leave the mask on for as long as the instructions tell you to, and then rinse off afterwards
  13. Take another cotton pad and pour toner onto it, removing the excess. Wipe over your face, avoiding the eyes
  14. Apply a small amount of moisturiser whilst your skin is still slightly damp

Voila! A DIY facial to leave your skin smooth, soft, and youthful looking! Repeat on a weekly or fortnightly basis to keep your glow. Make sure you use your favourite products, and if you do go for any new ones, make sure you do a patch test before you begin.

Nicola Curtis




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