Why is Matte Lipstick All The Rage?

Why is Matte Lipstick All The Rage?


You only have to glance at the pages of a fashion magazine, or sneak a peek at Instagram these days to see that matte lipstick is EVERYWHERE.


We’re no longer all about gloss, big shine is out; no, we’re now about no shine whatsoever, and plump, full lips, smacking a big colour punch. Matte lipstick does all of that with virtually just one swipe.


Whether you choose a bold red, a subtle peach, or something inbetween, matte is all the rage. Let’s explore exactly why you should be getting on board with this lipstick craze.


Quick & Easy

With one or two swipes your lips are painted to perfection. Because there is no shine or slick to this type of lipstick, you don’t have to be super careful with application, worried about slippage or movement. Once matte is on, it’s not going anywhere. You don’t have to be a lipstick pro to apply matte, making it the ideal answer to a late-for-work morning.


Bold Colour & Old Hollywood Glam

There is a higher amount of pigment powder in a matte lipstick, compared to a regular lipstick. This means that you are basically applying a pure shade onto your lips, giving you a bolder appearance. Think Marilyn Monroe’s old Hollywood glamour, and that is exactly what matte will give you.


Hugely Improved

When matte lipsticks were in fashion the first time around, they were very dehydrating to the lips, but times have changed! Today’s mattes are infused with oils, such as sunflower oils, which don’t appear on the lips, but are infused deep down. This means that you can wear mattes without worrying about the state of your lips when you take it off.


Pouty Lips, No Filler Required

Matte lipsticks give the appearance of fuller, plumper lips. This is because you can easily overdraw your lip line, without it showing through the pigment of the lipstick. Obviously, it’s not wise to overdraw too much, but a subtle amount can show big results. The bold colour and lack of shine is also a reason why lips appear fuller with mattes.


Long Lasting Results

When you apply matte, it isn’t going to come off when you’re eating your lunch or eating your coffee. You’re not likely to leave a big lipstick mark on your cup, and it’s going to last you much longer as a result. No need to keep re-applying all day long!


With these reasons, you can see exactly why matte is such a big trend in the beauty world right now. The good news is that if you get on board with matte lipsticks, you don’t have to worry about them going out of fashion anytime soon – it looks like matte is here to stay.

Nicola Curtis




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