8 tips from Sunescape to achieving the best tan of your life!

8 tips from Sunescape to achieving the best tan of your life!

8 tips from Sunescape to achieving the best tan of your life!

In this article, Sunescape gives Beauty News readers 8 tips to achieving the perfect tan and with summer fast approaching it’s a perfect time to learn from the experts!  So let’s hand it over to the Sunescape team  and their flawless tanning tips.

Sunescape are all about giving you the best bronzed glow of your life, without the damage the sun can do to your skin over time.  Here are their top 8 tips for everything you need to know in order to be beautifully bronzed, with the best tan on the beach:

1. Lay down the ground work (prep your skin)
Your tan is only as good as your skin’s condition and preparation. Shower before your tan, at least 6 hours to 1 day prior, hitting your skin with some hair removal and exfoliation. Avoid shaving or waxing too close to your tan application as it will sink in and make your look spotty. The Sunescape Exfoliating Body Polish works to remove any existing tan and dead skin cells for the ultimate blank canvas. Also remember to moisturise your elbows, knees, ankles, hands and wrists (any rough areas of skin) with the Hydrating Body Butter to avoid your tan building up in these areas.

2. Find your formula 
With so many different tanning formulas on offer, how do you choose the best tan for you? Sunescape offers creams, lotions and mousses aplenty, so it can depend on your skin’s state which formula you go for. Mousse consistencies are the easiest and most popular on the market, as it is spreadable and easy to see where your colour is building up as you go. Lotions like our Gradual Tan Extender are perfect for those with dryer skin as these are ultra-hydrating.

3. Find your shade 
Don’t make the mistake of choosing an ultra-dark tan when you are a paler lady. This can instantly end up looking fake, and can be a while before the colour fades. If you’re looking to nail that sunkissed look when you normally are very fair, apply a few coats of light or medium shade. For the best tan, it is always recommended to patch-test prior to tanning to see the colour that your skin will brown.

4. Ingredients matter
All Sunescape’s ingredients are specifically made to allow your skin to be hydrated while giving off the most natural self-tan possible. Including conditioning macadamia nut, coconut oil, added antioxidants from green tea, kakadu plum and grape seed extract, vitamin E and pineapple enzymes, Sunescape is also cruelty free, giving you that gorgeous, radiant bronzed colour without the hidden nasties in many other tans.

5. Applying the product (it’s not like sunscreen)
Time for those hard yards to come into effect. Using an Application Mitt, focus on the larger areas like legs stomach, chest and arms before filling in your neck, feet and back. A mitt makes your tan application significantly easier to blend, and prevents any product getting on your hands for fear of the dreaded tanned palms. Applying your tan with a mitt ensures you have the best tan of your life, guaranteed 😉

6. Brave the face
While we’re not suggesting you slap on a heap of product directly onto your face (this could go wrong very quickly), there are clever ways to tan your face without ruining everything! Our patented tip when applying the Self-Tan Mousse is to blend a ten cent pump of the product with your daily moisturiser or serum and apply with our NEW Sunescape Luxe Self-tan Application Mitt (or even a clean beauty blender, like Oz Beauty Expert does in this video)

7. Extend the life of your tan
To make sure your tan is prolonged, your skin needs to stay hydrated by applying our Hydrating Body Butter Daily, as well as the Gradual Tan Extender for rich added colour as your spray tan or mousse fades.

8. Finish the bronzed look
For those last minute girls night outs, or day trips in summer, finish your tan off with a bit of added radiance and shimmer with our NeW Instant Wash Off Mousse or our Illuminating Body Tint. Apply it all over or to special areas like your collarbones or shins to elongate legs, giving your skin that finishing touch courtesy of a gorgeous sheer glow.

To read more great tanning and beauty tips or to purchase any of the amazing Sunescape products, visit their website today.




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