17 makeup trends for 2017

17 makeup trends for 2017

17 makeup trends for 2017

2016 is finally gone. It took with it some terrible world events and some of the most horrible beauty trends I’ve ever seen. That full face of glitter trend? How impractical. 2017, however, is bursting with fresh make up and beauty trends from the catwalks that we can start using right away. In honour of ’17, we’ve got the 17 best up and coming trends to keep you stylish and beautiful all year long.


Matte Lips

If 2016 gave us anything to be proud of, it was the matte lip. 2017 is bolder and better, so matte lips are being made available in more colours and formulas. That dry and scaly look you used to get after a few hours is long gone!

Bold Lips

Red is a classic lip look that will never, ever go out of style. However, why not mix it up a bit? Try a bright coral, or if you’re brave enough, channel your inner rockstar with a dark and vampy maroon. For the totally confidant and quirky, a baby blue or lilac colour is perfect for summer. The options for a statement lip look are endless in 2017.

Bold lips


Highlight, highlight, highlight

Highlighter was a massive trend for 2016 and one we won’t let go of this year. In 2017, go one step further with more glow. Highlight your cheeks, the bridge of your nose, and inner corners of your eyes. Shine bright!

Graphic Liner

I’m sure we all remember the struggles of trying to get the perfect winged liner (I still struggle everyday). This year, a more abstract version of winger eyeliner is coming to the catwalks and hopefully into our lives. It involves creativity and confidence, so it’s a look you can have fun with, and it doesn’t have to be perfect!


Just like the lips, your cheeks need some attention. Make them stand out with a bight pink or vibrant peach colour or make them pop with a shimmer blush. You can also keep it subdued by brushing a matte shade all over those apples.

Blue Shadow

As if it were the 90s again, blue eye shadow has been spotted on a lot of the SS17 catwalks. It’s bright, it’s bold, and we love it!

Blue Shaow


Minimal Mineral

Let your face have a break and let your true self shine. Mineral make up works great for this look. It freshens up your natural skin to have you looking polished without caking on the makeup. Youngblood is an great brand for makeup that is minimal and light but stays in place. The range also suits people with sensitive skin, and will make your skin glow.


Copper was a huge trend in 2016, and it seems it’s going to be even bigger trend in 2017. Numerous beauty brands have released products with this distinctive aesthetic. There are many different shades, matte, and shimmer available, so take your pick and don’t be afraid to experiment.

Bare Eyes

Leave the eyes bare and embrace a strong lip! It sounds risky, but it looks beautiful. It allows your natural features to stand for themselves while your lips steal the show.

Natural Brows

Yes, you heard me. Drop the tweezers, cool the wax, and grow those brows. Last year we saw the strong brow and it’s becoming stronger and wilder this year.

Natural Eyebrows


Chrome Nails

It’s not technically make up, but chrome nails are an amazing trend that needs to be mentioned. They’ll be very popular this year.

Half a Flick

Inspired by all of us who struggle with the perfect cat eye, this trend is bound to sweep the beauty world. Take an angled brush, some gel liner, and extend the natural corner of your eye. It’s subtle and classic and doesn’t leave you looking like a panda.

Glossy Lids

Glossy everything! The 2017 trend is to apply a smidgen of clear lipgloss to your lids to make them look glossy. It’s been all over the fashion industry and it’s ready to come into our homes.

Glossy Lids



It’s not just for black and white filters on Instagram. For the monochrome look, pick a bold colour (like a reddish copper) and sweep it all over your eyelids, then use the same colour on your lips!

Glitter Lips

I did say that the full face of glitter trend needed to be left in 2016, but 2017’s glitter lips is something else. Glittery lipsticks and lipglosses will be throughout beauty stores this year. It’s bold, but if you can make it work, they look stunning.

Glitter Lips


Twiggy Lashes

Apparently the 60s are back as well as the 90s. This look has been in and out of fashion for years but 2017 will make it mainstream. Overuse mascara on your lashes for an almost spidery look inspired by 60’s goddess Twiggy. It draws attention to your eyes, so you don’t need much other makeup with it.

Bare Faced Beauty

You may have noticed that the trends this year are tending towards a more natural look. If you’re feeling brave or you just don’t want to bother with makeup anymore, why not follow the example set by Alicia Keys? Ditch the product and let your skin breathe.



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