Trick Yourself Into Drinking More Water

Trick Yourself Into Drinking More Water

Trick Yourself Into Drinking More Water

We all know that water is the best thing you can put it in your body but with a billion things consuming each and every second of our day, we sometimes forget to drink it (or at least a good amount of it). It is essential to drink water because it regulates our body temperature, protects our brain and other internal tissues and lubricates our joints.


1. Set a specific goal

We really do feel like this is the first step for everything but that’s because it’s so effective for just about any situation. It’s important to decide how much water your body needs daily. It is recommended to have around two litres to make you look and feel better because our bodies lose two litres of water a day through urine, perspiration, breath and defecation. Tell yourself in the morning that you WILL drink X amount of water today and make sure you do… or else!

2. Make your bottle your bestie

Keep your bottle close and handy because if it’s there in front of you, you are going to be more likely to drink it… duh! Keep your bottle on your desk and in your bag so that the moment you’re feeling a little parched you are able to quench your thirst. A bigger bottle also means you can store more water in it and therefore… you guessed it, drink more. It also means fewer trips to the tap and makes it easier to track how much you’ve drank. Don’t forget worst case if you’re out and about without your bottle remember any bar or restaurant that serves alcohol legally have to provide FREE drinking water.

3. Infuse to add flavor

We get it, water can be quite bland. It tastes really… well the only word we can think of is ‘watery’. In the wise words of Jamie Oliver, “The whole idea is to earn the flavor. No one gives it to you.” Same goes for water, kind of. Anyway, the point is you can infuse your water to at least provide your taste buds with a little tingle. The possibilities are endless you can add various flavours like berries, citrus or lavender. What are you waiting for? It’s time to devour some tasty, tasty infused water.

4. There’s an app for that!

Yes there really is an app to track how much water you have drunk and need to drink. There are free ones like Waterlogged and Daily Water that assist in measuring and analyzing your water consumption. We’re hoping most of you are able to figure this out without the assistance of a smartphone app, but in this time and age we won’t judge if you do need the help. Of course, if apps aren’t really your thing (or you’re like us and literally have no more storage on your phone) then simply setting an alarm as a reminder to hydrate yourself can be just as effective.

5. Water-based foods

Remember that you don’t always have to source your water from water! Foods such as cucumbers, salad greens and our favourite, watermelon are all high in water content. Cucumbers have water content of 96.7% and are perfect in salads or served up with some tasty dips. Eating these foods throughout the day can keep you refreshed and contribute to your daily water intake.

6. Something spicy

You know how when you eat some of your friend’s food that you forget is covered in chili and reach for the water faster than the speed of light? Use this to your advantage by adding a little crushed red pepper to your meal. You’ll be downing a whole heap of water with no hesitation. Studies have also proved that hot peppers also boost your metabolism, which is a great bonus.

7. Tea over coffee

We know, we know, it’s a hard habit to break but trading in that cappuccino for a delicious peppermint tea really does work wonders. Think caffeine is your best bud? Hate to break it to you but your buddy betrayed you by acting as a diuretic, which means you need even more water to counter hydration. Try trade in one of your daily coffees for some herbal tea because not only does it hydrate your body but also it is also high in antioxidants that may contribute to the prevention of various diseases.

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