The Champagne Diet

The Champagne Diet

The Champagne Diet

What is the champagne diet? 

The champagne diet consists of drinking 1 glass of champagne every day and taking the time to celebrate you and your achievements. Keep in mind that sometimes making it through the day is enough reason to celebrate. 

The champagne diet isn’t a weight loss diet rather a mental ritual that allows you to celebrate all your little wins and helps you to fall in love with yourself. 

Who created it? 

The champagne diet was created by bestselling author and entrepreneur, Cara Alwill. She inspires women to live their most effervescent lives, prioritise their own happiness and celebrate themselves everyday.

Cara has published 9 books, has a podcast called Style Your Mind with over 7 million listeners worldwide and she uses her instagram platform for daily inspiration. 


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If there was ever a time to take a chance on yourself, it’s now. Data has shown that women are shouldering the brunt of coronavirus job losses. McKinsey and LeanIn are reporting that women are more likely to have been laid off or furloughed during COVID. If you’ve been thinking about starting your own business, or stepping into your next level, it’s TIME. Fuck the status quo and fuck being “chosen” by a company that knows nothing about your full potential. Entrepreneurship has been the biggest blessing of my life and I want as many women to have the same opportunity to explore their talents, strengths, and passions. I recommend grabbing a copy of my latest book, GIRL ON FIRE if you need some inspiration (it’s available on Amazon now). We got this. 🖤💪🏼

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Why champagne? 

Champagne is a low calorie option compared to wine and beer. It also has that ‘luxury’ appeal. The glass, the bubbles and the sparkling colour, screams sophistication. Making it the ideal choice of drink to represent you!  

Of course you don’t have to drink champagne, you can opt for sparkling water or another drink of your choice. Remember the main take away from this diet isn’t the champagne, it’s the practice of celebrating you that is truly important. 

Ways you can celebrate yourself everyday 

Celebrate all of your own personal and professional achievements, big or small.
Ways you can do this include:

  • Take part in the champagne diet
  • Buy yourself a bunch of flowers
  • Have a hot bubble bath 
  • Go out for breakfast 
  • Go for a beach walk 
  • Write a list of your favourite traits about yourself

So, go ahead, raise a glass…to you! 



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