IBX- The New Best Thing To Come Into The Nail World

IBX- The New Best Thing To Come Into The Nail World

IBX- The New Best Thing To Come Into The Nail World

The days of weak, damaged and dry nails are gone! It’s now easier than ever to have smooth and strong nails that can withstand the harsh treatment of constant nail polish application and removal. It’s called IBX and it’s everything we have ever dreamed of!

IBX is a nail strengthening formula that combines the nails’ top layers to improve the livelihood of them underneath any Gel Polish Coating.

Essentially – you can grow and strengthen your nails whilst rocking a stylish Shellac or other nail polish!

Have I got your attention now? This is life changing and we’ve found the treatment at Margaret’s Nails Salon in Sydney’s CBD!




The product first launched in 2014 under American company Famous Names Products by founders and executive team Jim and Linda Nordstrom. Jim is also co-founder of CND, the company who introduced Shellac to the world. IBX has since has become increasingly popular due to its penetrative effect which has recovered clients’ dry and brittle nails within weeks.

How does it work, you ask? 

Well, the treatment has two steps: IBX Repair and IBX Strengthen.

IBX Repair is an intense treatment applied to targeted damage areas including splitting, peeling and free-edge delamination.

IBX Strengthen toughens the nail plate by fusing together the upper layers to improve its integrity under nail polish, gel polish and other nail enhancements.

The IBX Repair Step is as followed:

  1. Applied to clean, dry nails 
  2. Placed under the gentle heat, at Margaret’s Nails we use the nail dryer set on low, to allow the formula to sink in and attach itself to every crack and seal them in.
  3. Nails are blotted to remove excess product
  4. Placed under LED light for 1 minute

Next step is the IBX Strengthen application, this will need to be done twice if it the clients first time getting the IBX Treatment. 

  1. Treatment is applied to nails
  2. Placed under gentle heat for 4 minutes
  3. Nails are blotted
  4. Placed under LED light for 1 minute
  5. Cleansed and 2nd application is applied 
  6. After 2nd application, nails are placed under gentle heat for a further 2 minutes
  7. Nails are blotted again
  8. Placed under LED for 1 minute

Ongoing IBX treatment requires one application of IBX Repair and one application of the IBX Strengthen – this time your nails will be placed under the gentle heat for 2 minutes only. It all sounds complicated but the whole process takes around 18 minutes to complete and the nails after the treatment look instantly smoother, brighter and stronger.

The number of IBX treatments you require will depend on how damaged your natural nails are. Some clients can see the difference after the first treatment the other need six or more treatments.

It’s one thing to read about it, though, and another to try it yourself. You can call Margaret on 0413779447 and enquire today to get the IBX treatment!

You can also book an appointment with Margaret’s Nails here.

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One of the many custom nail designs you can receive at Margaret’s Nails.



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