How to Overcome The Biggest Digital Nomad Challenge

How to Overcome The Biggest Digital Nomad Challenge


The world of the digital nomad is a fun one, that’s for sure. You’ve no doubt heard of this lifestyle; travelling around the world, working online as you go, earning cash and running your own freelancing/entrepreneur business. It sounds idyllic and in so many ways, it is!


There is one major downside however, one which every single person who embarks on this type of lifestyle cannot avoid for long – loneliness.


You see, seeing the world and having the freedom to do whatever you want really only stretches so far. If you’re not making meaningful connections or having conversations with people around you, what’s the point? Online conversations don’t count, by the way!


Despite the very obvious downside, there are many ways to overcome travel loneliness. If there weren’t, there wouldn’t be half as many people embarking on this type of lifestyle!


If you’re a new digital nomad, or you’re thinking about becoming one, here are a few handy hints for overcoming on the road loneliness.


Join Online Communities

The digital nomad lifestyle isn’t something that everyone instantly understands and that means you need likeminded people going through the same thing as you, close by. Perhaps your family and friends back home simply don’t get your desire to head off and work on the go, but there are plenty of people elsewhere who do. Social media is a fantastic spot to head for digital nomad and freelancing communities. Whilst you might never actually get to meet the people you speak to face to face (and always bear safety in mind when meeting people you meet online), you will get a wealth of information on where to go and what to see. By following this, you’ll meet other people as a great side effect!


If nothing else, this type of community feel will make you realise that you’re not alone.


Go on Guided Tours

You might think you’re trying to be all authentic in your travel adventures, but guided tours are a fantastic way to see a place, learn more about it, and meet people at the same time! Book smaller tours with limited numbers if you really can’t handle the mass tourism deal, but don’t overlook the major benefits of meeting people on tours such as this. Even if you don’t make lifelong friends, you’ll have been in the company of others for a day and you might even get a few new social media friends to stay in touch with intermittently.


Stay in Hostels

Not only are hostels far cheaper than hotels, but they’re great places to meet other digital nomads too. Hostel bars are legendary for late night chats and parties and provided you choose your hostel carefully, you’ll have a relatively comfortable and upmarket stay, for a lower cost by far. Some hotels are like hotels these days, but with shared facilities in some cases, and a more community-type feel.


Work From Coworking Spaces

Working on the go can be difficult, especially if you’re craving a comfortable chair and desk to work from for just a day! Coworking spaces are great spots for meeting people, networking, and basically having a comfortable place to work from. For a low price, you usually get coffee on tap for the day, a sociable vibe, and fast Internet access to boot.


Just Speak!

The final point is probably the simplest but also the hardest! Meeting people on the go is difficult because not that many people are prepared to simply go for it and talk to someone they’ve never met before. Make the first move! How do you know that person isn’t trying to find the courage to talk to you? All you need to do is make a random comment about the weather or compliment them on something they’re wearing. From there, a conversation can begin!


Overcoming digital nomad loneliness can be difficult at first, but once you know the tips to follow, you’ll find opportunities coming your way thick and fast.


Nicola Curtis


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