Looking to be The Next Kylie Jenner?

Looking to be The Next Kylie Jenner?


It’s recently been announced that the youngest of the Jenner-Kardashian clan is officially a self-made billionaire. Probably to the irk of Kim herself, Kylie is the richest and therefore most successful of all the reality TV family sisters, but exactly how did she do it?


Having a famous family probably didn’t hurt, but Jenner maintains that she actually saved her own money to start the business and has been involved in every step of the Kylie Cosmetics empire since then. Of course, not that many of us have the cash lying around to save up in this way. Is it still possible?


Of course! There are countless success stories of men and women just like you and me, who started with nothing, worked hard, and made their millions from a business they nurtured from the start. It takes time, and it also takes a little bit of luck too.


So, exactly how do you start your own multi-million dollar business? First, you take the idea of ‘multi-million’ from your mind and first focus on getting things started! Taking one day at a time is the key to success.


  • Have an idea – What do you want to do? What product do you want to sell? Is there room for growth into other product areas?
  • Create a plan – How are you going to get started? Work out your finances, find out what you need and figure out how you’re going to get it.
  • Create a business plan – If you want to secure cash from the bank or from investors, you’re certainly going to need a bullet-proof business plan, which outlines your idea, how you’re going to make it work, and where you envisage it all going.
  • Choose your business name – What name are you going to use? You need to register it and that means checking that nobody else has got there before you!
  • Where will you work from? – Do you need to rent an office? Are you going to work online, from home? Do you need employees and assistants, or are you going to handle it yourself for now?
  • Source your products – Now you need the things you’re going to sell! Are you going to make them yourself? Get someone else to do it? Try dropshipping?
  • Figure out your marketing plan – Social media is the number one marketing route to use, just as Jenner herself has proven. Set up business pages, create a website, and start to build up a strong online and social media presence.
  • Get going! – Start small, build gradually!


Of course, that is a very basic route on how to start a business, but it gives you an idea of the journey you need to take. You are going to need cash, however, and unless you’re lucky, like Kylie herself, you’re going to need to get saving and raising funds pretty quickly.


Do all businesses work? No. That’s something you also need to be very clear in your mind about. The number of businesses which succeed is far greater than those which fail. Having said that, you have to try, right?


Who knows, this time next year you could be the next Kylie Jenner herself!




Nicola Curtis


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