New Year or Not?

New Year or Not?


How do you feel about New Year? Are you all over it, planning your outfit and looking forward to festivities? Or, do you look forward with dread, knowing that you’ll be wishing for the night to be over?


New Year is often an event which divides opinion. The problem with putting so much expectation on one night is the inevitable feeling of disappointment when it doesn’t live up to your high hopes. Nobody can be expected to have the best time ever on demand; these kinds of nights tend to happen out of the blue.


So, this New Year, why not simply make it your aim to have a relaxed evening? Anything over and above that is a bonus!


The other contentious issue about New Year is the idea of resolutions. We put a huge amount of pressure on ourselves to achieve something which is borderline impossible. ‘I will lose half of my body weight’, ‘I will go to the gym every day’, ‘I will stop smoking immediately’. These are common resolutions we hear on 1 January. How many people stick to them? Not that many?


The best idea? Resolve to be the best version of yourself you can be. Take off the pressure, and you’ll see a huge difference.


New Year Ideas


So, what are your plans for the big night? Do you have any at all? Heading out on the town can be super-pricey at this time of year, and let’s face it, being pushed and shoved in crowds is no fun.


If you need a little inspiration, how about these suggestions?


  • Movie Night in With Friends – Order some pizzas, wear your pyjamas, and have a binge on your favourite films of all time
  • Come Dine With Me – Each bring a course and have a major feast! The one rule? It has to be homemade
  • Back Garden Camping – If the weather permits, why not set up camp in the back garden and enjoy a night under the stars? Think campfires, singing, stories, and the single best spot for watching everyone else’s fireworks!
  • Mixology 101 – Cocktail bars are expensive at the best of times, but on New Year’s Eve prices are inflated. Head online before the big night and buy yourself a cocktail set, buy some bargain ingredients in the sales and have a night making your own cocktails at home. Money saved and a new skill learnt!


Not only will you get to stay home and save cash, but you’ll also be able to enjoy an activity which will create memories you can all remember together. Money saved, Instagrammable photos checked, and a great way to welcome in a shiny New Year! You also don’t get the inevitable come down from nights out which end in huge queues for a taxi home, aching feet, and a rather upset bank balance.


So, if New Year hasn’t been your favourite night of the year in the past, make an early resolution to change all of this year. All it takes is a little creativity and a promise to simply be relaxed. After that, anything else is a major bonus.



Nicola Curtis


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