Ten realistic lessons learnt at Gwyneth’s GOOP summit

Ten realistic lessons learnt at Gwyneth’s GOOP summit

Ten realistic lessons learnt at Gwyneth’s GOOP summit

Gwyneth Paltrow’s wellness blog GOOP has manifested itself into a brand, a lifestyle, and now a conference.

Gwyneth and her Goop team recently threw a summit in Culver City, California to showcase wellness products from the famous website, as well as all things GOOP-approved. As Paltrow explains it, she wanted the event to “bring Goop to life in a tangible way”. Indeed, fans were able to try out for themselves the many (often expensive) therapies and exercises her editors dutifully write about. This isn’t the first time her brand bridged it’s online efforts with the offline world – in the past Goop has produced pop-up stores for its goods.

Yet this new endeavour lets consumers test-drive more of Goop’s advice for themselves. For a price, health hipsters could join in on the conference to have their aura photographed, inhale lavender flavoured oxygen, sip on collagen-infused martinis, and feast on kale ice cream. “Goopies” were also encouraged to go outside for a crystal reading with an in-house shaman, Colleen McCann.

Goop summit
Credit: Amy Dickerson for The New York Times

However interesting or the just plain weird Gwyneth’s new age science musings may be sometimes (vagina steaming with mugwort anyone?), there were some realistic lessons from the 2017 GOOP Summit that you can work into your everyday life, whether you’re into activated charcoal smoothies or not.


1. Let your body guide you

It is important before starting anything new to let your mind decide, and allow your body/gut instincts to guide you. ‘If it feels right and good, allow it’ was the mantra to follow at the summit. Goop’s in-house shaman Colleen McCann gave intuitive readings based on crystals that people were invited to select themselves.

“Our body leads us to what we need,” she elaborated.


2. Earthing/meditation time

Earthing is the practice of placing your bare feet into the ground, gathering the earth’s energy into you as you stand and recalibrate. Luckily for Gwyneth, Nicole Richie was a guest speaker at the GOOP summit and puts “Earthing” into perspective.

“I wake an hour before my kids and decompress,” she confessed.

3. Positive entitlement

“You’re entitled to have a basic sense of ‘I deserve this and it’s ok’,” said Dr. Phil Stutz during The Tools panel, moderated by Paltrow herself.

From time to time, many of us can feel that we need to explain our choices and prove our worth to others. But according to the panel at GOOP it is best to just let go and say to the universe: “I’m an animal. This is Mine.”  But not too loudly and not while waiting in line for coffee.


4. Stroking

Stroking is the art of giving 15-minute time frame to slow things down, explore your partner, and allow your partner to explore you by stroking each other before you divulge in the ancient art of intimacy.

“The amazing thing about orgasmic meditation, besides that it helps people learn about their bodies and couples connect, is that it is a hugely healing practice for sexual trauma,” explains Slow Sex author and creator of Orgasmic Meditation, Nicole Daedone. In layman’s terms, it’s more about invitation, not penetration.


5. Orgasmic nutrients

We can be drinking all the green juices in the world, but an orgasm is just as important when it comes to our health.

“It’s fundamental to our health and wellness,” said Daedone.“It reduces anger and frustration and leads to full, nourished lives.”

Other orgasms health benefits also include alleviating inflammation, as well as improving sleep and our sense of scent.


6. Good vibes only

GOOP panelist Nicole Richie revealed that going from a stay at home mum to House of Harlow 1960 creator was daunting. She said that the more she put her positive thoughts into words, glowing happy vibes ensued.

“When you’re excited about something, time expands. Thinking and then talking about it creates a vibration,” said Nicole.

goop summit
Credit: Rex Features


7. Funny gal pals

Some of the most accessible and easily-enacted advice from the summit came from two celebrity panellists, who praised the power of friends.

“Make time to see your girlfriends. It’s like exercise, to laugh with tears. It’s so important to who I am,” Richie explained.

“It’s about being able to be vulnerable, digging in and figuring it out together,” added Cameron Diaz, who happens to be Nicole’s sister-in-law.

So grab the girls, confirm a table at your favourite restaurant and order a wine.

8. Always ask your body why

Dr. Habib Sadeghi, the spiritual leader behind the infamous ‘conscious uncoupling’ phrase, detailed how Gwyneth had come to him many years ago suffering from recurrent UTIs and an ovarian cyst that was going to require surgery. Habib explained how Gwyneth used the diagnosis as an opportunity to learn and explore what could have led her to that point. Rather than simply treating the problem, Dr Habib guided Gwyneth to approach the problem holistically.


9. Self-forgiveness

Gwyneth revealed an important lesson (which is also the name of her new multi-vitamins) to her dedicated followers during the Balls in the Air panel: “True self-forgiveness is the basis of all healing. You manifest bad things if you hold onto mistakes in your body. It’s all about self-acceptance.”

Cameron Diaz then added: “I have compassion for myself. Learning to forgive yourself and others is key.”


10. Waiting to Exhale

When the topic came to love and marriage, Gwyneth quizzed actress Cameron Diaz on why she waited until 40 years old to get married. Diaz revealed that she trusted her instincts and learnt from her past loves.

“I think it’s a matter of I just hadn’t met my husband,” Cameron concluded. “I’ve never had anyone who supported me so much and gave me so much courage to be myself and to really explore myself. My husband has been able to show me what it’s like to be an equal. And I’ve learned so much from him. I look at him every day and he inspires me. I feel so lucky.”

Just wait, it’s worth it.


Natasha Sorokin


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