Tips to stay stylish while travelling

Tips to stay stylish while travelling

Tips to stay stylish while travelling

We all know how difficult it can be to stay stylish while you’re travelling. With limited room, you have to ensure that what you pack both is suitable for your destination and is also stylish. These are just a few tips that we have gathered to help you stay stylish regardless of your travel destination.


Know where you’re travelling to

The biggest mistake you can make is to pack for a summer environment, only to arrive and discover that there is a blizzard. This is precisely why knowing your destination is so important, not only for staying stylish, but ensuring you can get the most out of your holiday.

Looking into the weather and terrain of the region you’re going to is very important. Packing winter clothes for a June trip to the Grand Canyon will only lead to disaster, and more than likely require an impromptu shopping trip.

For a summer/spring environment, bringing a few cotton dresses is always a good thing. Not only do they not wrinkle while in your suitcase, but can be used for a variety of situations, from walking through a vineyard to late night clubbing.

There is nothing more style-friendly and appropriate to colder environments than a few pairs of jeans. Jeans are very versatile can go with a variety of other pieces of clothing and accessories, while also keep you warm and comfortable.


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Stay basic

The worst thing you can do is to try to pack everything you own – it will always end in disaster. Sticking to the basics is the best way to stay stylish while on the move and it is incredibly easy to do, even with the smallest of suitcases.

Packing a few fundamentals is the best way to stay basic. A black dress doesn’t take up much room and, when paired with a few accessories, can help you stay stylish in a number of situations. A few scarves take up little room and can be paired with other items to fit a variety of situations.

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Bring a wrinkle releaser

Not everything you bring is wrinkle-free, especially when you consider how haphazardly your clothes are shoved into your suitcase throughout your trip. This makes bringing a wrinkle releasing agent essential. It brings your wrinkly clothes back to life and lets you have greater power in creating outfits.  Downy Wrinkle releaser is a great wrinkle releaser, and is available to buy online in travel size containers.


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Comfort first

There is not point to being stylish while travelling if you’re completely uncomfortable the entire trip. Comfort should be a high priority when deciding what you’ll be wearing. Again, cotton clothing is great for hotter climates and will stop you from looking like a tomato while on your trip.

For colder, wetter areas, try to go for material with wicking ability. Fleece clothing is a great choice for these areas, but only as a insulating layer. For outer layers nylon is a better choice.


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Don’t be afraid to borrow clothes

If you’re travelling with someone, don’t be afraid to borrow some of their clothes and let them borrow yours. Borrowing clothes give you access to items that you may not have had room to pack, and gives you more room when creating outfits. Just be sure that you trust the person whose clothes you borrow, or it can end in disaster.

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