Best accessories for a summer groom

Best accessories for a summer groom

Best accessories for a summer groom

We know that grooms are often overlooked in the lead-up to the wedding, with a lot of the focus on the beautiful bride and her needs. It seems like men’s needs are comparatively easy, but there are plenty of ways to jazz up your summer groom’s wedding suit to make him feel special and keep him looking cool in the summer heat. So we’re here to give the groom his due and make sure that the man gets all the accessories to complete his summer wedding look.



No groom should be without a great watch to keep track of the day’s events and rigorous plans. There would be no coming back from a late arrival to the altar! If chosen correctly, a watch can be a beautiful and classic accessory that perfectly finishes your groom’s suit. Something classic in black, navy or brown is probably best, but it’s best to confer between the two of you as to what best suits your wedding aesthetic.



A groom in a hat seems like a very traditional choice and recalls images of men in morning suits with top hats. Nowadays a wedding hat can be whatever the groom wants it to be! A hat is a great way for the groom to show off his sense of style and reveal a bit of his personality. Hats are also a great idea in your summer wedding, to shade the groom’s face from the sun and keep him cool. There is an incredible variety of choices in headwear, from Akubras to Panama hats, the groom will feel spoilt for choice. For the best quality hats, Strand Hatters will have the groom looking outstanding for his big day.



A classic element to the groom’s outfit, the boutonnière should be co-ordinated with the bride’s bouquet, but that doesn’t mean it should look boring. A beautiful summer arrangement instead of a single flower can freshen up the look and make the groom unique in the summer wedding crowd. Collaborating with your florist will ensure that you’ll both get the flower arrangement you want and look your best on the big day.



Cufflinks are a huge part of a man’s suit and can be a great way of expressing a groom’s individuality. There are only  a few things a groom can do to make his suit his own, so selecting individual cufflinks with a personal meaning can make his day much more special. Customised cufflinks can be engraved with your initials and wedding date, or whatever message you like. If the groom is an avid fan of a TV show or book, he might want to select cufflinks that reflect this passion. Customised cufflinks can also be gifted to the groomsmen as a thoughtful wedding gift.

Summer groom
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Although you can’t see them with a suit jacket on, suspenders are a great way to liven up an outfit and show a bit of individuality. They’ll keep the groom’s pants in place without any restriction that a belt brings, so he can let loose at the wedding buffet. Plus, a summer wedding is bound to be warm, so that jacket will be off in no time and the suspenders will be able to steal the party.


Tie Bar

If the groom is wearing a suit and tie, a tie bar is the perfect way to add that extra bit of elegance that his outfit may have been lacking. A tie bar pulls together the formal look of the groom’s wedding suit for the ceremony, and will hold the tie together when the groom casts it aside in the heat of the reception dancing.



For a fashion-forward man, a bracelet is the perfect accessory to complete a wedding suit. They’re elegant and simple and make a statement without dominating the groom’s look. It’s also something a bit different, so the groom can express a bit of individuality through his choice of colour and style. Our picks are the Pig & Hen bracelets “for real men”, which are stronger than steel (just like your relationship) and will last a lifetime (just like your marriage). It’s a nice reminder of your combined strength and durability when saying your vows.

summer groom
Credit: Pig & Hen


It’s a little old-fashioned, but nothing says tradition like a handkerchief in a man’s suit pocket. It’s classy, suave, and it can be his ‘something old’. It’s also very useful for dabbing away sweat in the summer heat, or for when his mother starts sobbing.



This is an item that (hopefully) no one will see, but it’s important to choose the right underwear for a long and tiring day. You might think we’re being picky, but it’s the little touches that will make your wedding day the magical day it should be. The groom’s underwear should be comfortable, but also stylish to surprise his partner on your first night together. They’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness!


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