What lipstick shade to wear based on your zodiacs

What lipstick shade to wear based on your zodiacs

What lipstick shade to wear based on your zodiacs

At least once in your life, you have read a horoscope that is ‘so you’ and maybe even gone to the extent of trying to dress a certain way because of what it said. Why not try and apply this to your makeup routine by changing the colour of your lipstick to suit your star sign? Now that the season has changed, maybe you can too with a new look. Check out which shade matches your horoscope.



It is common knowledge that your lucky colour is red as Aries is symbolic for fire. Try to stick to fiery shades that really stand out like red, a deep brown and orange. These colours will suit your naturally confident personality but you could occasionally wear paler shades such as pale pink. You could even grab a white lipstick to mix with bold colours for a more subtle look.


Capricorns love to blend in and not really stand out in the crowd. They prefer colours like black and white, sometimes even a bit of grey. Usually if they want to dress up, they wear colours like blue and indigo that appeal to them. A lighter brown is definitely the right way to go when choosing a good lipstick shade.



Aquarius know more about fashion than any other sign, they are the complete opposite of Capricorns. They like electric shades and even colours that change with light. Usually a mix of two colours such as black and orange is what you will see them dressed in. Aquarius colours stand out and attract the attention of others, go bold this Spring and wear a lipstick shade that stands out like purple.


Peach shades

Emotional and sensitive, Pisces feel their mood attracts a yellow/peachy colour that is soft but still beautiful. Try using colours that mellow down your personality such as peach, baby pink or light purple. You are a poet and a dreamer so softer colours will suit you.



You are shy, you are an introvert, you are a Taurus. Using pink shades of lipstick reflect your personality and make your shy personality pop and stand out in the crowd. Staying away from dark reds is also ideal. When dressing up for a night out, you like to wear creams or even a few black accessories to balance out the calmness of your mood. You can also wear khaki brown or beige, wearing neutral colours reflects your personality but a bright pink on your lip can bring an outfit together.



Gemini are a direct match with Aries, you have a flare with words and become agitated really easily. Try to wear red to reflect your mood. Normally, you do not like soft and subtle colours but sometimes wearing that occasional soft shade will really calm your nerves.



Cancer are very down to earth and love taking care of the environment. Dreamy lipstick shades that can suit you are sea green, blue or even a dark purple. Your planet is the moon and you are definitely more awake at night, than you are in the day.



Deep or subtle shades are just not your thing, Leos need to wear a colour that makes your lips pop like a bright pink, purple or red. You love to stand out from the crowd and talking to people, you are definitely an extrovert. Wearing an orange will make your charisma and charm pop.



You are elegant, classy and can be very picky about some colours. Virgos need to have their space and want to speak only when it is necessary to. They are usually quiet and want to concentrate on what others have to say instead of them giving their opinion. Pale peach, pink and reds suit your personality and really make your outfit stand out. Stay away from dull browns as they tend to attract attention, which is something a Virgos don’t like.



Unlike Virgos you love changing up colours and standing out from the crowd. Scorpio also like to try different things and love sporting the latest trends. You have a very colourful wardrobe and like to mix things up, instead of wearing the same shade everyday. You are a sucker for mystic patterns and love having a design appeal. There is definitely a preference on choosing rich and bold overtones like burgundy that make your features pop.


Electric colours

The new star sign, Ophiuchus, that shifted the whole world’s star signs to a different zodiac. You are a fast healer, rebellious and a vivid dreamer: three of the things that do not go together. You are trustworthy and electric shades definitely suit your personality. Purples, blues and reds will definitely give off the right vibe you want to send.



This is Sagittarius’ lucky colour and definitely a colour to wear more often. It is so obvious this shade suits any skin tone. Dress up the blue shade of lipstick with a little black dress or even a white top and black leather pants for a good night out. Blue is very in right now, a good colour to try this spring.


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