Some of the hottest Olympians you need to stalk RN

Some of the hottest Olympians you need to stalk RN

Some of the hottest Olympians you need to stalk RN

It’s already a given that we are going to be envious of the speed, strength and dedication of the Olympians this year, yet some of them have given us even more to be jealous of.  Let’s admire some of this year’s most attractive Olympics athletes who really are the whole package.

 1. Natasha Hastings, USA

This absolute stunner competed yesterday in the Women’s 400 Metres final and finished fourth. This is her first time attending the Olympics, gaining from her US trial a spot in the individual race. She is also the face of Under Armour, an American sports and accessory company, that only supplies shipping to Rebel Sport in Australia.

2. Kassidy Cook, US

Achieving a spot in the Women’s 3m Springboard semi-finals, she achieved a top 10 rank. Not bad for a 21 year old who achieved her dreams to compete in the Rio Olympics. The brunette beauty actually started diving at the age of three when she first learnt how to swim at the age of only 2!

3. Jaqueline Carvalho, Brazil

She’s already got two gold medals to showcase but Jacqueline is on her way to achieve another as she competes in the Women’s Volleyball tournament quarter finals today. As the face of Adidas Brazil, she definitely heats up the game with her amazing talent and killer looks.

4. Ellen Hoog, Netherlands

She’s the face of Nike Netherlands and on the Olympic team for field hockey, ready to take on Germany in the semi-finals tomorrow. Her team won bronze at the 2012 London Olympics and this fashionable sports star is hopeful for another medal this year.

5. Amber Hill, UK

A body positive candidate for the woman’s shooting, she qualified at the age only 18 to join the Rio Olympic team. She ranked sixth for the semi-finals and achieved the title for youngest shooter to be on the team. The blonde beauty was also crowned the BBC’s young sports personality in 2013 finishing as the 5th best shooter in the world.

6. Alex Ranghieri, Italy

A professional beach volleyballer by day and an Italian police officer by night hunting for crime. That is the life of Alex Ranghieri. Unfortunately he was eliminated in Round of 16 but Italian duo Paolo Nicolai and Daniele  will now compete at the semi-finals.


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