Could Your Morning Cup of Coffee Improve Your Skin?

Could Your Morning Cup of Coffee Improve Your Skin?


Most of us reach for a latte or a cappuccino in the mornings to help us stay awake and go about the day, but did you know that coffee could actually be very useful for your skin too? We’re not suggesting you lather yourself in espresso, but when used in the correct way, the powerful antioxidants contained within coffee could be extremely beneficial, not only for righting damage but also for anti-ageing too.


When you sip your coffee in the mornings, the antioxidants contained within your cup work from the inside out, but fresh coffee grounds can also be applied topically to the skin to give you similar benefits. In order to do this, you will need to make a DIY face mask – and it’s oh-so-easy!


  • One of the simplest ways to make a mask is:
  • Mix together olive oil and fresh coffee grounds in equal parts
  • Combine well and let it rest for a minute or two
  • Using a circulation motion, apply the mask to your skin
  • Wait for up to one hour, depending on the state of your skin
  • Clean off the mask with warm water


As you can see, there is nothing difficult about making your own coffee mask, and the following benefits could be coming your way.


  • Reduction in cellulite – You don’t only have to apply coffee to your face for benefits, as making a coffee scrub is ideal for reducing cellulite on the backs of the thighs. Use just as you would a regular exfoliator, using a circulation motion, to dilate the blood vessels and boost blood flow.
  • Ideal For Those Interested in Anti-Aging – The visible signs of ageing could be reduced by regularly using a coffee mask, including a reduction in fine lines, redness, sun spots, etc.
  • A Great Source of Vitamin B3 – Coffee in itself is great for delivering the B3 vitamin, niacin, and when you apply it topically you are giving this vitamin to your skin. This can help with dryness, however, it has reputed effects in terms of helping to prevent certain skin cancers.
  • Inflammation Reduction – Applying coffee directly may help to reduce inflammation in the skin, thanks to the melanoidins and chlorogenic acid contained within it. In some cases, coffee may help to reduce acne symptoms, because of the reduction in inflammation.
  • Helps Reduce The Appearance of Dark Circles – The caffeine contained with coffee isn’t just great for keeping you alert, as it could help to reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes too.
  • May Help to Soothe Sunburn – Coffee can also be used to create a DIY sunburn treatment, although it should never be relied upon, and you should avoid getting burnt in the first place!


These benefits are certainly not the first things you think of when you picture a cup of coffee, but aside from keeping you alert and awake, coffee is certainly something to consider in your skincare routine.




Nicola Curtis


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