Why Stippling is Worth the Extra Time

- MAR 18, 2018

  Nobody has time to spare in the mornings, and you might want to simply get on with your beauty routine and go about your day as quickly as poss

What Should We Be Doing With Our Brows This Season?

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We All Want Fuller Lips, But What Are The Dangers of Lip Fillers?

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Richard Avedon – The Man Behind The Lens

Richard Avedon – The Man Behind The Lens

- MAR 02, 2018

The late Richard Avedon was best known for his photography work, particularly in the fashion industry. Shooting for Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, Avedo

The Natural Route to Glowing Skin

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New York Fashion Week’s Fall 2018 Predictions

- FEB 19, 2018

New York Fashion Week is finished for another year, but the predictions of what we’re going to be wearing this coming Fall are fresh in our mind

Concealer 101

- FEB 11, 2018

  Whether you are 19 or 99, nobody has blemish-free, picture perfect skin. There will always be a line, a wrinkle, a dark circle, a blemish, or a

Why is Matte Lipstick All The Rage?

- FEB 05, 2018

  You only have to glance at the pages of a fashion magazine, or sneak a peek at Instagram these days to see that matte lipstick is EVERYWHERE. &

Magnetic Eyelashes – Yes or No?

- JAN 28, 2018

  Have you heard about magnetic eyelashes?   We’re not joking here, we are talking about a set of false eyelashes that attach to the e

How to Make Your Hair Grow, Without Extensions!

- JAN 21, 2018

  If you’ve long been drooling over pictures of long, luscious locks, then you will no doubt have been trying to figure out how to grow you