All the Highlights from Milan Fashion Week

All the Highlights from Milan Fashion Week

All the Highlights from Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020 wrapped up on Monday with all the world’s finest designers got the chance to highlight their latest creations. 

Milan Fashion Week showed us that it’s possible to conduct COVID-safe fashion shows, having successful in-person shows for more than 20 designers. Elements of the showcase were also held digitally, with 40 smaller designers using the digital events to display their pieces. 

At Beauty News, we collated all of our personal favourite looks from one of the world’s most fashionable events. 


Source:Alfonso Catalano/SGPItalia

Versace made a splash (literally) with their aquatic inspired showcase ‘Versaceopolis’. In a press release Donatella Versace described this collection as “a world made of popping colours and fantastic creatures”. Each model appeared in vibrantly tropical outfits with sea life inspired patterns, looking like they came straight out of the ocean (in the most elegant way possible). The fantastical elements of the showcase provided much needed escapism for all of us, this collection being Versace’s most bold yet.


Source: Courtesy of Maschino

No IRL Runway? No models? No problem. Moschino proved that fashion week doesn’t need models by teaming up with Jim Henson’s Creature Shop to create miniature marionette models. In the digital display all of the brand’s designs were shrunk to fit on the marionettes to walk on the mini runway. The collection itself consisted of sophisticated dresses, tulle skirts and collars, all to fit into the colour scheme of gold, black, soft pinks, blues and greens. Despite enjoying this collection, creative director Jeremy Scott told interviewers he does “miss working with real models and that energy of having a real audience and everyone gathered together”.

Claudia Gisèle Ntsama/ We are made in Italy

Source: Jon Bronxl

Little known designer Claudia Gisele Ntsama has definitely been one of the breakthrough talents of this year. Her designs were featured as part of the ‘We are made in Italy’ collection, a collaboration between five African-Italian designers. The showcase featured on the last day of the week, and highlights the systematic discrimination of African-Italian designers in the country. Ntsama was inspired by Japanese designers Junya Watanabe and Yohji Yamamoto and had to work as a cleaner to support herself whilst making these pieces. Her collection is simply stunning with its abstract designs and she is one the watch in the coming years.  


Source: Victor Virgile

In her last Fashion Week collection, Silvia Venturini Fendi displayed her talent and paid tribute to her family in the showcase titled ‘Fendi Reflections’. Inspired by the COVID-19 norm of staying home, the collection embodied “the gentle, nostalgic comforts of home” according to the show notes.  The simplistic colour palette of neutrals browns, blacks and whites with hints of bright colours elevated the homely yet high-fashion aesthetic. Fendi was also commended for its use of diverse models, which included models from diverse backgrounds, different body types and even having older models. 

What were your favourite collections from Milan Fashion Week?


Paige Tonna


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