Body positive people you need to follow on TikTok

Body positive people you need to follow on TikTok

Body positive people you need to follow on TikTok

Being stuck in the endless scroll of TikTok is, let’s be real, most of the time inevitable. Finding pages that promote a positive body image or healthy lifestyle can sometimes be difficult; Statistics by Weight Watchers show the average woman criticises herself up to 8 times a day, that is far too high! Having social media sites to scroll through with harmful messages and stigmas only fuels the fire to this negative image continuation. 

Surrounding yourself with negative thoughts and ideas can sometimes feel like a spiral. It does not have to be this way. Plenty of badass ladies are smashing the beauty ideals and getting rid of dated ideologies that probably should have been canned forever ago. Check out this list we have created of a few of our favourites! 



Carolina – @caro.gurdian


So tight it hurts 🎈 #fyp #foryoupage #LetsFaceIt #bodypositivity #weightgainjourney #selflove #ootd #normalizenormalbodies

♬ Family Affair (Single Version) – Sly & The Family Stone

Starting a project prompted by her therapist as a way to combat anxiety during these times of uncertainty, Carolina made and continues to create a work-from-home series on her TikTok. Like all of us, she has moments where her fave pair of jeans is just simply not zipping or just does not fit the way they originally did. Carolina is super open with her audience showing the difficult bits usually hidden and saying this stuff happens and that’s ok! She is realistic, having moments of disappointment, anxiousness or frustration but ultimately has so much love and kindness towards herself and her body. Bonus points for adorable pets and well and truly trumping the usual WFH uniform of sweats and pjs. 


AJ Clementine – @ajclementine


my life kinda feels like a whole coming of age movie plot 🍿🎥 #mylife #fyp #ColorCustomizer #trans #couplelove #tgirl #transandproud

♬ The Strumbellas – Spirits – Alikhan

Fellow Aussie, AJ is simply amazing. At only 24 she has become an ambassador for TikTok, and an amazing voice for LGBTQI+ community through her social media channels she shows followers her life and all its intimacies. Her strength is next to none being very real and open with her life and her story. In one of the newest Bonds campaigns as a model she is a beacon of light and shows the importance of representation. AJ is also super funny and you leave her page feeling happy and empowered.


Denise Mercedes and Maria Castellanos – @denisemmercedes and @mariacastellanos_ri


Loving all these Fall/Winter looks from @asos from their Must Haves collection! Which one is your fav look? #ad #asos

♬ original sound – Wisdom Kaye

Two best mates with a passion for fashion and some iconic looks! Founding the trend #stylenotsize the pair create amazing looks and sets alone but also together. Through their work they show that fashion should be all size inclusive and to put it simply: you can rock whatever you want, regardless of any size. Showcasing styles in size 2 and size 14, the ladies promote a healthy lifestyle, kindness to oneself and simply feeling good in the outfit you decide to kill. 

Victoria Garrick – @victoriagarrick4


🚨 PRO TIP FOR INTUITIVE EATING #intuitiveeating #intuitiveeatingdiary #bingeeatinghelp #bingeeatingadvice

♬ original sound – Victoria Garrick

Podcast host, Ted Talk speaker and all round power house, Victoria Garrick has taken to TikTok to share her message of positive mental health and body image. On her page you will see her debunk fad diets and diet culture by promoting intuitive eating, positive body talk and acceptance.Victoria is a beam of light and warmth, you can’t help but smile when you watch her content. Definitely a great addition to your feed!


Brittany Lancaster – @brittanilancaster


Hope you all had a wonderful day!!

♬ original sound – Brittani Lancaster

Brittany Lancaster is in recovery from two eating disorders. Spreading her message of body love and positivity through her TikTok, creating a ‘What I eat in a day’ series. Encouraging eating healthy portion sizes she also is not shy of those moments of indulgence and doing them guilt free. This page is a must for anyone needing a pick me up or a trip back to the real world (bite sized meals not included!). The food Brittany prepares is drool worthy too, if you needed any more convincing.


Following some accounts like these are a great way to set your algorithm into a positive state. You could be surprised at the changes you could see in your outlook on your self!




Sam Elliott


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