The Best At-Home Youtube Workouts

The Best At-Home Youtube Workouts

The Best At-Home Youtube Workouts

It’s a little harder to get to the gym these days and even harder to get the motivation, but with inspiration from these fitness Youtubers, you’ll have no excuse to skip an at-home workout.

From pilates to traditional weighted workouts, we have everything for the perfect at-home workout, so get ready to sweat!


Beginner – Advanced

Cassey Ho, the creator of Blogilates, has been in the fitness game for ten years, so you know she has some killer workouts.

Blogilates is a mix of cardio, pilates and bodyweight exercises perfect for all skill levels, but what makes Blogilates great is Cassey’s enthusiasm. 

If you need some encouragement to finish those last few squats, Cassey will get you there with her positivity. On top of this, her videos are around 10 – 30 minutes long, so you can mix and match a workout schedule that suits you.

We recommend Cassey’s Extreme Abs video, a real burner!


Beginner – Advanced

If you get bored easily and like to change things up, POPSUGAR offers a variety of at-home workout videos from some of the best fitness instructors.

From dance workouts, boxing, pilates, HIIT to traditional bodyweight exercises, POPSUGAR has hundreds of workouts to choose from. 

Depending on the video, the workouts are for a range of skill levels, so it’s best to know how hard you can push yourself before you do a 30-minute kickboxing workout.

We recommend Jake DuPree’s pilates-inspired workouts for the ultimate body burn.

Pamela Reif


Pamela Reif is a German fitness influencer with over 6 million followers on Instagram and 4 million subscribers on Youtube, but don’t be fooled. 

Her at-home workouts are intense with targeted bodyweight exercises to get the best results. 

While Pamela has beginner videos for those starting out, if you’re looking for fast, fierce results, her HIIT and six-pack workouts are some of the hardest.

With guests like Jason Derulo in her videos, you know her workouts are seriously good. PLUS, for those who hate chit chat, her workouts are strictly that – working out.

We recommend the 15-minute Six Pack Workout followed by the 10-minute Booty Activation.

Caroline Girvan

Intermediate – Advanced

Caroline is a personal trainer with a background in running marathons and triathlons, and it shows!

Her videos are a mix of intense cardio and weighted workouts for increasing strength and endurance. Using dumbbells, kettlebells and bands, Caroline crafts targeted workouts, which are sure to test your limits.

But if you’re intimidated, don’t worry!

Her videos range from 10-minutes up to an hour, so you can choose how long you’ll work out (or be in pain!). Like Pamela, Caroline’s videos have limited talking, but she often gives tips at the start if you’re unsure of form.

We recommend her isometric and HIIT full-body workouts.

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