Views in the Blue Mountains that are worth the day trip

Views in the Blue Mountains that are worth the day trip

Views in the Blue Mountains that are worth the day trip

The Blue Mountains are home to some unbelievably breathtaking sites with views and trails that are like no other. Take the day trip and visit some of these fantastic places, you know you want to! 

Lincoln’s Flat Rock 


Difficulty: Simple

Distance: N/A, around a two-minute walk from the car park.

Walk time: Two minutes 

Hazards: Keep in mind the cliff’s edge when travelling with children. 

Ideal for: Picnic days, Happy snaps. 

Probably give this one a miss if: 

  • You are with someone who can’t be trusted near the cliff edge. 

A favourite for tourists and locals alike is Lincoln’s Rock. Located in Wentworth Falls, the flat rock is situated down the Little Switzerland Road track (about a two-minute walk). This spot is also pretty iconic for some happy snaps, and as it is mentioned in its title, this spot is flat enough for a picnic! Do beware of the cliff’s edge, it is unfenced and the trust of locals and tourists to not be stupid is strong.


Image by Khaled AL-Ajami via Flickr

The Grand Canyon Track

Difficulty: Intermediate 

Distance: 6km.

Walk time: 3-4 hours.

Hazards: Potential slippery slopes and steep staircases.

Ideal for: Exercise, immersive views. 

Probably give this one a miss if: 

  • You are a beginner going alone.
  • You are unable to walk down or up steep cliffs and steps.

Located in Blackheath, this trail spanning around 6km is such an immersive experience. Walk along with a series of waterfalls, creeks and be amongst the lush green bush. Feeling almost untouched by human contact, you can live your best fairy fantasy down in Blackheath. 


Image via

Valley of the Waters Track 

Difficulty: Hard, Ideally for experienced hikers only.

Distance: 1.5km. 

Walk time: 1 hour 30mins.

Hazards: Uneven footing, large descents. 

Ideal for: Those wanting a challenge, chasing waterfalls. 

Probably give this one a miss if: 

  • You are a beginner without someone knowledgeable on the track.
  •  Steep, uneven tracks are challenging for you. 
  • Small children will be joining. 

This walk is for those who love a challenge—Located in Wentworth Falls, named quite merely because this trail has up to seven different waterfalls on its track. As mentioned earlier, this 1.5km walk is for more seasoned walkers, and this is because of its steep descents and difficulty. The pay off in the views and sights are simply too divine not to visit! 


Image via

Three Sisters Walk

Difficulty: Simple, potential to be made more intermediate with surrounding tracks.

Distance: 900m.

Walk time: 30mins.

Hazards: Very unlikely.

Ideal for: Iconic views, picnic spots, families with young children. 

Probably give this one a miss if: 

  •  You are looking for a strenuous hike. 



It would be impossible to make a Blue Mountains listicle without including the iconic Three Sisters located in Katoomba. This roughly 900m round track is one that is good for families and beginners and has the potential to be made more intermediate for more experienced hikers by adding surrounding tracks to the loop. You can’t go to The Mountains without seeing this beauty! 

Image via

Chalmers lookout

Difficulty: Simple.

Distance: Two-minute walk from the car park.

Walk time: N/A as it is a lookout.

Hazards: Some unfenced rocky areas are dangerous if children are left unattended.

Ideal for: Picturesque views, simple walks, insta snaps.

Probably give this one a miss if:

  • You are looking for a hike, although Chalmers is a beautiful spot, it is not an extensive hike. 



Located in Glenbrook, looking over the Glenbrook gorge. A beautiful scenic view with some scatters of small houses in the distance. The walk to the lookout is effortless and ideal for families with small children as it is a brief walk from the car park. It is also a beautiful take on the lower mountains!


Image via


Any hot spots we missed? Drop them in the comments below!





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