Everything you need to know about Rihanna’s new skincare line

Everything you need to know about Rihanna’s new skincare line

Everything you need to know about Rihanna’s new skincare line

When Rihanna launched Fenty Beauty in 2017, she changed the beauty standard with inclusive makeup aimed at people with every skin tone and type. 

Rihanna’s goal was to shift the status quo, and her new launch into skincare, which dropped July 31 this year, is no different.

The cleanser, toner serum and SPF moisturiser are formulated to complement Fenty makeup, each thoroughly tested for every skin type. As Rihanna says, it’s “the new culture of skincare”.


Total Cleans’r Remove-it-all Cleanser $25


The 2-in-1 makeup remover-cleanser is a soothing daily cleanser with ginkgo biloba, fig extract, and other nourishing ingredients to ensure soft, clean skin without being overly stripping.

What’s impressive is the twist and squeeze top for easy application instead of the traditional screw top, which always gets lost or rolls away in the shower.


Fat Water Pore-Refining Toner Serum $28


By combining the toner and serum steps in your beauty regime, Fat Water refines pores and eliminates dark spots while giving a non-shine, matte finish.

With ingredients like Australian lemon myrtle to reduce oiliness and Japanese rain tree extract to detoxify, Fat Water is a lightweight natural formula.


Hydra Vizor Invisible Moisturiser Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen $35


A moisturiser and sunscreen, the Hydra Vizor protects and soothes without the thick white cast that can show on darker skin tones.

What’s even better are the recyclable refill containers reducing excess packaging for a more environmentally-friendly way to moisturise. 



Fenty Skin boasts a high standard for ingredients banning parabens, mineral oils, formaldehyde, plastic microbeads, and other nasties like lead and sulphates. 

This matters because ingredients like parabens and formaldehyde have been connected to cancer cell growth and sulphates to increased sensitivity in the skin.

While we need preservatives like parabens to keep our cosmetics fresh, there are better and more modern skin formulations to keep you safe.


Environmental Impact

Fenty Skin focuses on earth-conscious practices utilising the reduce, reuse, recycle motto to decrease packaging and waste.

Protective paper is still used in the boxes, but the paper is recyclable along with the shipping boxes.

The beauty industry is one of the biggest polluters with 120 billion units of packaging made in 2018, with Beauty Unspoiled stating 50% of all plastic is thrown away within 12 months.

Even though biodegradable packaging is the way forward, Fenty Skin is still taking a step in the right direction by recycling and reusing where possible.


Inspired by Rihanna’s own skincare routine, Fenty Skin is a multi-tasking, fresh take on beauty ensuring no person is left behind when it comes to eco-conscious, natural skincare.

You can find Fenty Skin at fentybeauty.com or at Sephora Australia stores later in the year.


Lisa Easey


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