Top 4 Tips for Perfecting Your Winter Skincare Routine

Top 4 Tips for Perfecting Your Winter Skincare Routine

Top 4 Tips for Perfecting Your Winter Skincare Routine

Winter is the perfect season for hot chocolates, cosy nights in by the fire and chunky scarves, but not so great for your skin! Switching up your skincare routine is vital in the colder months, especially as we are surrounded by heaters and harsh winds that zap all the moisture out of our once radiant complexions. 

No need to fret though, Lux Aestiva has shared their top tips to perfecting your winter skincare routine and how to deal with the cold weather (not to mention the unsightly elements it brings).

1. Change the way you cleanse your skin


Ensure you choose a gentle, yet effect cleanser to nourish your skin during the winter months. Chilly temperatures and low humidity levels paired with hot showers and soap-based products can dehydrate your skin and strip it of its natural oils. Lux Aestiva’s Constellations Cleansing Oil thoroughly cleanses whilst melting away impurities with fatty-acid rich ingredients, leaving skin soft, dewy, and glowing.

Simply warm 1-2 pumps of cleansing oil in the palm of your hands and gently massage over the entire face, neck, and décolletage. Apply a clean wet face towel over cleansed areas, allowing warmth from the towel to penetrate the skin. Gently start wiping oil and impurities away from your skin in smooth motions.


2. Say hello to Prickly Pear


Prickly Pear oil contains essential fatty acids which help calm inflammation and redness, but also replenishes lost lipids within the skin, deeply moisturising and restoring skin’s elasticity. Prickly Pear oil can also stimulate cell-renewal and brighten skin, which makes it an absolute essential for dehydrated skin during winter. Lux Aestiva’s Prickly Pear Oil is a highly prized, non-comedogenic dry oil, containing more Vitamin E & unsaturated fatty acids than any other known oil.

To get the most out of this superhero product, utilise it as a night serum. Warm 5 drops in hands and smooth over face, or as an under-eye treatment, by dabbing 3 drops under each eye.


3. Fall in love with a face oil 


A hydrating moisturiser is an obvious winter essential, however moisturisers are designed to sit more superficially on the skin’s surface whereas facial oils penetrate deeper into the skin provide long-lasting hydration and once you are converted to using a face oil you won’t go back. When pondering the choice of never-ending oil types, a cocktail approach is always a good one. Try and find a product with a blend of robust and powerhouse oils, that all work in tandem to provide utmost radiance and nutrients to the skin.

Lux Aestiva’s Wildflower Oil for Face is a nutrient dense, lightweight, artisan blend of oils, which promote healing and nourish the deepest layers of your skin. It includes nutritive and exotic oils of Bergamot peel, Marigold flowers, Frankincense, Cypress leaf and Turmeric root.  Rich in anti-inflammatory botanicals, Wildflower Oil will increase blood circulation, promote cellular renewal, and allow maximum absorption of the powerful antioxidants it contains.

To ensure you get the most out of this nutrient rich product, warm drops of Wildflower Oil on your hands then smooth over your face and neck when the sun rises and sets.


4. Invite a jade roller into your life

There are endless benefits to using a jade roller, including, stimulating circulation and lymphatic drainage, the natural cooling sensation and tension relief – the list goes on. When used correctly, it can dramatically enhance and change your winter skin routine. Lux Aestiva’s Jade Face Roller that is hand carved from real slabs of Jade, cools, tightens, and de-puffs. For most effective results, keep your Jade Face Roller in the refrigerator.

Use on freshly cleansed skin alone or apply a serum or face oil ~ Lux Aestiva recommends Wildflower Oil Face or our Prickly Pear Oil ~ before using. Apply gentle pressure while rolling jade over face to assist in sweeping away toxins and balancing excess fluid.


With these products your skin is sure to survive the cold, dry winter and keep you looking youthful! Visit the full Lux Aestiva range here


Zoe Sophios


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