Tis’ Season’s Top Beauty Gifts for Under $50!

Tis’ Season’s Top Beauty Gifts for Under $50!

Tis’ Season’s Top Beauty Gifts for Under $50!

As much as we love Christmas shopping for our loved ones, it’s hard to fork out heaps of cash, especially on a budget. They say it’s the thought that counts and although that’s true, if you’re not nifty when it comes to crafting and DIY, then you might have to look elsewhere for that perfect gift. 

We have taken the stress of finding a great gift to give with this list of our favourite products for under $50! 


Happy Christmas Gift Box – LUSH $44

Everyone needs a nice, relaxing bath every once in a while – its one of the best ways to melt away your stress… 

This gift pack from Lush Cosmetics includes four festive bath bombs and is suitable for any friend or family member! Why not get into the holiday spirit with this colourful bundle of joy… it’s perfect for the silly season.


Let It Glow Kit: Glow Recipe $39

A gift with an iconic trio! The kit includes a fruity cleanser, moisturiser and mask that will make your skin feel as smooth, bouncy and as hydrated as ever.


Mask Library – Mecca Cosmetica $40

No books at this library, however beauty addicts will love this collection of Mecca’s best-selling face, lip and eye mask. Give your skin the gift of nourishment and hydration this festive season.


Avalanche All-Over Metallic Powder Set – FENTY BEAUTY by Rhianna $49


A frosty set for the holiday season? We’ve got you covered. Sephora is offering the ultimate metallic set by Rhianna! Serving you with an avalanche of pigments that will make your eyes, cheeks and lips glow!


Scrub Heroes Kit – Frank Body $49.95

Aside from the super cute packaging! Frank Body never fails when it comes natural, affordable skin care. The Scrub Heroes Kit includes a scalp, face and body scrub… perfect for a pamper session!


All is Calm, All is Bright – Mario Badescu $43

A collection that is dedicated to calming your skin. Each product works to reduce redness, brighten the skin and create an even skin tone.


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