What’s the Deal With Crystal-Infused Beauty Products?

What’s the Deal With Crystal-Infused Beauty Products?

What’s the Deal With Crystal-Infused Beauty Products?

Some of our favourite brands have gone ham with the crystal-infused beauty products for Summer.

I got a rose quartz keychain for my car keys once, which was meant to bring me love and peace of mind. Has my road rage subsided? Absolutely not. Do I love driving any more than I did already? Not particularly.

But do crystal-infused beauty products actually work? We’re here to suss it out.

If you’re confused about what crystals we’re actually talking about, don’t stress. All you need to do is walk into any Tree of Life store, go straight to the counter and look down. See all the pastel-coloured rocks that are organised perfectly and colour coded? That’s what we’re talking about.

Crystals are naturally occurring minerals that come straight from the earth. It’s been a belief for a long time that these crystals are aligned with specific chakras (centres of spiritual power in the body) and have special healing properties that can help improve certain aspects of your life. There are rocks dedicated to education and learning, peace of body and mind, and emotional tranquility.

Fair enough that we keep them on our house keys, or turn them into lamps or jewellery. But are they effective in your skincare products and makeup?

Here are some of the top crystal-infused products on the market right now:

KORA Organics Rose Quartz Luminiser ($35)

Photo Source: KORA Organics

Using rose quartz in beauty products is definitely not new – most big brands are doing it now and have been for a long time. Apparently Cleopatra used to bath in chunks of rose quartz because of its anti-aging benefits and healing properties. As a crystal by itself, rose quartz specialises in peace and love. It helps you keep clear mind, maintain a positive mindframe, and helps you to be kind and loving. In beauty products, it is said to be anti-aging and restorative. Even in beauty products, it is believed to attract love to you. Forget milkshakes, just slap some rose quartz on your face and wait for the guys to come running.

The Rose Quartz Luminiser by KORA Organics is a liquid highlight infused with rose quartz powder. The rosy tinge to the product makes it an amazing blush-highlighter duo that will give you a nice natural sheen for summer.

The Lab Organics Jade Facial Roller ($24.95)

Photo Source: The Lab Organics

Before we get to the Jade part, let’s talk about facial rollers for a minute. Sound like a little bit of a gimmick? That’s what I thought too. Facial rollers help relieve tension in the muscles around your face. We spend all day squinting at computer screens and frowning at delinquent employees, so these muscles can get pretty tight. By massaging your face with a facial roller, your muscles have a chance to release and relax.

Jade is renowned for cleansing and filtering toxins from the blood, strengthening the immune system, and relieving premenstrual symptoms. I don’t know how effective rubbing Jade all over your face is in filtering your blood, but who am I to argue with an age-old ritual.

Combine those two elements together and you should find yourself in a zenned out state where your face is relaxed, and your body is free from toxins and nasties.

Herbivore Botanicals Brighten Pineapple and Gemstone Mask ($48)

Photo Source: Sephora

Pineapple and a gemstone? I’m overwhelmed. This face mask contains tourmaline, one of the possible lesser known gemstones. As a stone, tourmaline promotes a healthy and happy mood, reduces lactic acids, and supports fat loss. In beauty products, the brightness of the gemstone illuminates your complexion and brightens dull-looking skin. It works to soothe redness and inflammation, and increases circulation.

This face mask works to lighten up your complexion, giving you a natural, healthy glow. It decreases redness without stripping layers off your skin. As someone who is so pale she’s basically invisible year-round (yes, even in Summer), redness is enemy numero uno for me. I’m a sucker for anything that decreases redness and inflammation. This product could have some exotic bird feather in it and I would still apply it by the handful. Sensitive skin gals, this one’s for you!

Honey + Mint Aquamarine Infused Lip Butter ($5)

Photo Source: Skyy Crystals

Aquamarine inspires truth, trust and letting go. It allows you to open your mind and is calming and soothing. It’s said that centuries ago, according to ancient lore, pirates used to take aquamarine on their journeys for protection and safety – it represented fearlessness and good luck. It is also believed to be the gemstone of mermaids.

The Aquamarine Infused Lip Butter contains the gemstone, which helps keep your throat clear and healthy. The product is infused with aquamarine crystals which open up the throat chakra (Vishuddha) and lets you communicate clearly and effectively. I’m sold based on the price of the product alone. $5 and I’ll be able to tell everyone I’ve ever worked in a group assignment with how I really feel about them? Sign me up!

So… What’s the verdict?

So do crystals actually work in beauty products? Who really knows. I’m leaning towards a no but that’s just because I’m a bit of a cynic with that sort of stuff. Instead of crystals, I prefer more fast-acting solutions: alcohol, Netflix, and a choc mint Cadbury bar.

Am I going to keep my rose quartz keychain though? Absolutely.

What we can say is we’re loving the crystal-inspired products that are making waves in stores at the moment. Get shopping!

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Meg Gannon

Meg Gannon


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