Vegan Beauty Brands To Buy

Vegan Beauty Brands To Buy

Vegan Beauty Brands To Buy

Who else here is going green? More and more of us are thinking about the environment, and how harmful we humans can be. Apart from the scrapping of plastic (about damn time), we’re becoming more aware of what we put on our skin as well.

Next to avoiding those harmful chemicals and being ethically sourced, brands that are cruelty free are a must. Continue reading the full article to see the products you need to invest in to turn your beauty bag 100% vegan.

The grass will definitely be greener on the other side.

Herbivore Botanicals

Created in 2011 in their Seattle kitchen, founders Julia Wills and Alexander Kummerow wanted to produce beauty products that are not only safe and non-toxic, but ethically made as well. The vegan brand specialises in concentrated yet effective products that are made from organic, plant-based ingredients free from parabens, chemicals and fillers.

e.l.f. Cosmetics

As stated on their IG, the Australian beauty brand is proud to be cruelty free. Their products are high-quality and thankfully won’t break the bank.


Need some beauty tools to apply that gorgeous makeup? EcoTools has you covered! They have a wide selection of environmentally friendly products that are 100 per cent cruelty free, made from renewable bamboo, recycled aluminium and plastic and come complete with tree-free packaging made from cotton and bamboo.

Kat Von D

Kat Von D gave us the eyeliner that won’t smudge, budge, or bleed. The midnight black liner pairs perfectly with other bold pigments in her beauty line, which are all high quality and long-lasting. The best part? The entire line is 100% vegan and cruelty-free?

Inika Organic

At first glance, Inika Organic is clear with what they’re about– ‘To source ethically and responsibly, always with love for nature and its inhabitants.’ They’re even registered with the UK Vegan Society. The Australian owned brand has a wide range of products— anything you need to create a full makeup look.

Mecca Max

Mecca Max can definitely be considered one of the rare companies that do listen to their customers. They have taken on all the feedback and have made the switch to 100% vegan and animal friendly brands.

Kester Black

Need to jazz up your hands? Try out Australian-made Kester Black, who make vegan nail polishes that are also palm oil free. Kester Black uses recyclable materials and renewable energy, while manufacturing in small batches. This way they minimise wastage and reduce its environmental footprint.

Sukin Natural Skincare

Available at your local Priceline & supermarkets, Sukin provides hair and skincare products that are 100% vegan and animal-friendly as well as using recyclable and BPA free packaging as they seek to reduce carbon emissions. If their current campaign hasn’t driven you mad yet, their promoted tagline is what they try to live by:

“It’s what we leave out that makes us special.”

Cover FX

Need a vegan, high-quality foundation? Not sure what your colour is and need to test 40 customisable shades? Cover FX is your brand. Perfect your base with these guilt-free products that promise to achieve the finish you’ve been searching for.

The Body Shop

Last but not least, The Body Shop which was founded in 1976. Created by Dame Anita Roddick, she already sought to make products which contain natural, ethically and sustainable sourced ingredients. She pushed for her customers brought back empty containers so they could be refilled once again. Next to this, she promised that all her products were cruelty free, and that ingredients came from regular growers– long before Fair trade existed.

Now you can be fabulous and environmentally conscious.


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Marian Van Reesch

Marian Van Reesch


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