Kylie Jenner’s Makeup Artist: Ariel Tejada’s Makeup Tips

Kylie Jenner’s Makeup Artist: Ariel Tejada’s Makeup Tips

Kylie Jenner’s Makeup Artist: Ariel Tejada’s Makeup Tips

Meet Ariel Tejada. A 22 years old MUA who already has big names under his makeup belt such as the Kardashians, Shay Mitchell, and Chrissy Teigen. Starting out in the big pool of Instagram, he now graces the small screen next to his friend and client Kylie Jenner. We’re very excited to see how his future will evolve in the beauty industry.

But first, who wants to know some of his tips & tricks?


He believes that you should always begin with a completely bare and clean canvas. So no primer and no cream. This way nothing can contaminate the makeup and your face won’t slide off.


Apply the eyebrows next. Tejada loves the Anastasia Brow Wiz Pencil as it has a thin crayon and never disappoints. He follows up with a lighter coloured eyebrow gel so that some dimension is brought back, avoiding the flat eyebrow look.

Next, he likes to use some concealer under the eyebrow to carve out the shape. The concealer is then extended towards the whole of the eyelid.

Both the eyebrow and eyelid are set with a tiny amount of translucent powder, for which Tejada likes to use the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder. However, seeing as Laura Mercier has become (sadly) unavailable to Australians, you could try the Too Faced Peach Perfect Mattifying Setting Powder.

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Source: Too Faced

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Add some hydration to your face by applying light moisturiser with a brush, from your face all the way down to your neck.

Follow up with a glow balm on the higher points of the face for that glowy highlight.

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Source: Shiva Rose


Tejada often goes for the cut crease look, as it is appropriate for during the day, but can easily be glammed up. He starts by applying a brown colour to the crease. The artist then deepens the crease by taking a more narrow brush, and taking a darker brown eyeshadow, starting the application in the outer part of the crease.

The trick to finding the right angle is by looking straight into your mirror and tilting your head back a bit.

This is followed by a creamy black eyeliner placed along the lash line, which is then carefully smudge it out. Afterwards, take a black, or dark brown eyeshadow and then lightly press it against the eyeliner. As the last step get a gold or bronze glitter eyeshadow and sweep it all over the eyelid, but keeping it below the crease.

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Always apply eye cream before applying concealer and foundation. Tejada’s favourite is the LaMer Moisturising Gel Cream which runs for $295 per . If your pockets aren’t that deep just use your own fav eye cream.

When putting on foundation always use light hand– which should in fact be done with everything according to Tejada. Also, apply foundation from the outside inwards in order to avoid cakiness.

LA MER - The Eye Concentrate
Source: LaMer/Mecca

Bake, bake, bake

Just use a cheap angled sponge and place some translucent powder under your eyes and the bridge of the nose. Next, bake up your smile line by following along the line when you smile.

Bring in that Sparkle

Apply a bronze eyeliner among the upper and lower waterline, as it will make your eyes sparkle and will especially draw out those with brown lookers. Try out Urban Decays 24/7 Glide On Eye-pencil in Scorch.

Use a luminous bronzer instead of a flatter colour. Glow.

The makeup artist prefers clusters of eyelashes instead of a full set, as you can customise it to your own eyes, and add more when necessary.

The Pout

Always have a brown lip liner in your arsenal as it can be combined with different types of lip products, and has the ability to make your lips even more pouty.

He does this by using Morphy Sweet Tea Liner to overline the lower lip, creating a fake shadow.

Now, go on and channel your inner Kardashian.

Stay tuned for more Beauty News!

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