Extra Care For Down There: Fur Oil

Extra Care For Down There: Fur Oil

Extra Care For Down There: Fur Oil

Talking about the situation down under has always been a bit of a taboo subject in the past.

With the exception of period talk, when talking about the vajayjay the topic of landscaping is often brought up (at least with my mates it is). A 2015 study which surveyed 1000 men and women, showed 95% of them had shaved their ‘under garden’ at least once in the last 4 weeks. This chapter of the Brazilian and Hollywood wax has gone on for so long, that the extinction of cooties is almost near (and I’m not talking about the ones you get from kisses).

In the recent years however, a more inclusive definition of beauty is blooming, where it’s okay to be hairy.

It’s probable that most of us still go for ‘no hair down there’, or maybe even a small trim. One of the people who takes the hairier route is the actress Emma Watson, who took this special oil into the spotlight.

What is Fur Oil?

Source: Fur Oil

The brand Fur is an American beauty brand, which was among the first to be created to purely cater towards pubic hair.

The label was founded by the sisters Emily and Laura Schubert, along with co-founder Lillian Tung. They argued that whilst extra care for your nether regions isn’t really necessary, conditioner for the hair on your head isn’t either, right? However, the trio was frustrated by the lack of products available for some extra care down below, so they just made some themselves.

The elixir they’ve created is a mixture of multiple natural oils, with the key players being Jojoba oil, Grapeseed oil, Tea tree- and Clary sage seed oil. These oils have all been specifically selected for the role they play in the drama downtown.

So, what does it do?

The Tea tree oil added into the mixture is the one that prevents those annoying ingrown hairs that always seem to pop up (or rather in). If you’re one of those girls who suffer a lot from this, you could try out their Ingrown Concentrate, which is specifically designed to heal ingrown hairs, bumps, and irritation.

Apart from this, the added Jojoba oil softens the hair, while the Grapeseed (which contains vitamin A and E) takes care of the skin underneath and Clary sage oil reduces inflammation and helps control oil production.

Is it only for those hairy troopers?

Nope! Fur oil is considered perfect for those who like to go au natural, as it softens the hair and cares for the skin.

However, if you like going bare ‘cause it feels fresher in your eyes, the product is perfect for you as well. This is because the oil will diminish the irritation and ingrown hairs you get after a wax or shave.

A great deal of those who had already discovered this magic potion also use it for other hairy areas as well. Emma Watson herself even uses it to soften her eyebrow hairs. Though, men are free to use it too, be it on their beard or pubic hair.

Hoorah! We have entered a new era of beauty care, a wonder for down under.

Stay tuned for more Beauty News!

Marian Van Reesch


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