Why You Should Consider An Unplugged Wedding

Why You Should Consider An Unplugged Wedding

Why You Should Consider An Unplugged Wedding

Recently, I visited one of my best friends who had their wedding a couple of months ago. I remember that it had been a beautiful wedding. But when we went through her pictures I couldn’t help be distracted by the amount of cameras that were whipped out during the ceremony.

So, if you definitely want to avoid having pictures with more phones than faces on it, you might want to opt for an unplugged wedding. Keep on reading this article if you want to achieve just that.

Why You Should Consider It

It might seem difficult to let go of your phone, and might certainly be for your guests. However, the benefit of being unplugged is that instead of people checking their phones every minute, everyone will be focussed on the love you share with your significant other (and some tears for your outfit won’t be so bad either).

By having your guests put away their phones they will able to listen and interact more with other guest, which might even have the danger of some single mingling , creating possible new love stories.

Also, it’s most likely you have already hired a professional photographer. They will certainly make a record of the beautiful moments and people glued to their phones do not make for good props.

Tips On How To Make It Work

So how do you achieve this in an age where everything should be photographed and directly be shared on Instagram? Here are some tips to ensure no one will whip out something unnecessary.


One of the first things you should definitely do when opting for an unplugged wedding is announcing it beforehand. This way you won’t have the danger of rubbing a lot of people the wrong way on the Day Of.

However, don’t post it on the invitation itself, but on a separate announcement card added into the envelope.

Unplugged Wedding Ceremony Sign | Jonas Peterson
Source: Jonas Petersson

Announcement #2

Just to remind people on your wedding day once more, you might consider setting up an announcement board at the entrance. You could even fancy it up in the style of your wedding.

Announcement #3

A third announcement might seem a bit over the top, but you might consider it as there are plenty of people who skip messages that they have to read. So let the officiant make an announcement. You could even add on the detail of people muting their phones.

Other Options

When you’re taking away their ability to make photos, give them another option to take photos home. Namely through the introduction of the photo booth and the hip polaroid.

You could even be creative and make a decorated picture corner where guests are able to pose with cute props.

Source: Gary Sexton
Source: Pinterest

Give Them a Break

As mentioned earlier, it is the age of continuously being connected and taking it away completely is bound to cause some disgruntled souls. So try limiting the unplugged part, by solely having the ceremony unplugged and let the reception be a free for all.

You could even create a wedding hashtag, through which all your guests will be able to find uploaded pictures. Or let them upload the snapshots on the photo sharing app Veri or Capsule, where you, your family, and your friends can enjoy them anytime.

Having an unplugged wedding is definitely something you should consider. Or if you want to have the best of both worlds, opt for a part unplugged and the other plugged. Let’s be honest, allowing phones again will give you a real reason for those pockets in your dress.


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Marian Van Reesch

Marian Van Reesch


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