#BeautyBoss Series: Tash Sefton

#BeautyBoss Series: Tash Sefton

#BeautyBoss Series: Tash Sefton

There is an abundance of titles we could introduce Tash Sefton with. An influencer in her own right, a stylist, an artist and an outright fashion icon.

You may know the next addition to our #BeautyBoss series as one half of the fashion & beauty powerhouse ‘theyallhateus’, which is co owned with Tash’s business partner and friend, Elle Ferguson. Tash has recently launched a site called ‘Where Did Your Style Go?’, where she gives people the opportunity to pick her brain for fashion advice, share her industry knowledge, shopping assistance and even offers a total wardrobe revamp. She is also half of Sefton Segedin, a painting collection that she founded with her sister, Hayley.


Image Source: Vittoria Coffee


We reached out to Tash to gain some insight into her self proclaimed controlled, but chaotic career and how she juggles being a fashion icon, superhero & mum–all at once!

Continue on for the full interview below.


As an artist and fashion curator, how do you set yourself and your businesses apart in such a saturated business?  

TASH: That’s so interesting as I haven’t even noticed the market is saturated? Hayley and I really just focus on what we are doing and don’t look at it is a ‘market’. Our clients are amazing and allow us to be very free to create pieces in our voice. We love that we can create original pieces that are affordable – we don’t offer prints so our work is very unique because each order is created and in most cases personalised. In our own personal spaces we are surrounded by all forms of art – from our children’s drawings,  to collectibles pieces layered then with our own work – it’s a space that is warm and homely. We encourage our clients to collect rather than buying trends or shop entire furniture catalogues. It is the journey of discovering art that is personal and has meaning.


You founded Sefton Segedin with your sister Hayley. What is like working with family?

TASH: We are from a very close family so we just think the same. We are creative in different ways which makes it incredible when we come together. We are honest with each other and as we have no ego, the process is very enjoyable.


Image Source: Hunter & Folk

If you could go back to your younger selves starting Sefton Segedin, what would you tell yourselves?

TASH: “We should have started this earlier!!” Mainly as it is very rewarding blocking out all the noise and just stopping. Everything stops when we are drawing.


Is your love for art reflected in your personal style?

TASH: Yes as we both are very minimal with a hint of chaos. Our drawings are also influenced by the female form and we get lots of inspo from fashion photography.


For other young entrepreneurs, do you feel social media and influencers are a major contributor for a product and brand’s success?

TASH: I think social media has changed a lot from how it first started. It used to be an amazing source of inspiration and behind the scenes look into people’s lives – un edited and honest. As it has become very commercialised, I think the message can get diluted. I think it’s important to show your true voice and loyalty to brands you love which translates into success for the brands. Real ‘word of mouth’ about products I think is more powerful than forced alignments with brands.


To what do you owe your rapid growth and following to?

TASH: I think because I have always remained honest. Social media for me isn’t about me me me me – its about my love of clothes, art and inspiration. My followers are just like me, and we talk to each other openly.


Image Source: Sussan

Who are some of your influences?

TASH: I like people on social media that come across nice genuine people with a personal take on the world. They show their natural talent with their images rather than it being egoistic and obvious. Some of the girls I adore are: @pernilleteisbaek @mygeneral_store @collagevintage  @sincerelyjules


What are the major messages that your brands want to exude?

 I started wheredidyourstylego as a true voice on fashion and style. Most women just want honestly rather than noise about ‘buy this buy this’. I want to educate rather than preach. I have worked in the industry for over 20 years and have some much knowledge I have learnt along the way from personal experiences and gained from the industry. Sharing this without arrogance is really important to me.


What’s next on the cards for Sefton Segedin & Where Did Your Style Go?

TASH: We are creating new work for Sefton Segedin constantly….our range of canvas large scale works has become very popular so we are expanding this side. Our international audience is rapidly growing and we have been invited to showcase our work in Europe and the US.

I have something very exciting about to launch for wheredidyourstylego, but I am unable to announce it just yet!!

I have also been working behind the scenes on a large global project not in the fashion space that will launch in the next few months. It’s all about global change and very close to my heart.


Tash is the total embodiment of a #BeautyBoss and the perfect example of where following your true passion can lead you.

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