How To Achieve That IG Glow

How To Achieve That IG Glow

How To Achieve That IG Glow

Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and thought, “how the hell do they always get perfect lighting?” Well, one way is being backed by a team that knows their stuff. Another way is by slamming on those filters.

There are some specific apps that can help you achieve that dang IG glow. I’ve listed a few of my favourite apps below. So go on, get reading!


I often start off with Snapseed when I have a picture where I want to focus on the whole. This app lets me manually tune the brightness and saturation of a photo, making it much clearer.

The beauty of this app is that it provides you with a tool that lets you selectively edit a certain area, such as your face or a new item you would like to highlight.

You might notice that the area has become a bit too blurry after having brightened your face (hello spotlight!). Try altering the structure of the photo as it will definitely bring back the quality.



While we all know the famous “you’re perfect just the way you are” mantra, I sometimes (read: often) can’t help but want to blur the pimple that has taken residence on my forehead.

Meitu has a handy acne removal tool. But it’s not only useful for those red dots on your face, oh no, you could even use it for the image itself. An example of this is removing dirty spots on the ground, which might distract the attention away from your focal point.

It’s easy to go a bit crazy when removing blemishes however– making you look a bit too Barbie, less human. So use it modestly.


Personally, I use Facetune for whitening things, be it my teeth, my grey shoes that were originally white (oops), or a white dress.

Source: Facetune

This app does have some tools that overlap with Meitu, so if you want to save some space on your phone you can choose to either download one or the other.


VSCO is good for adding filters over pictures as they are preset with 13 filters (and some more free and paid stuff in their store). This app can be considered perfect for those that don’t want to spend endless time editing their pictures.

The app seems similar to Snapseed as they both have the ability to tune images to your liking. The only difference is that Snapseed can be considered to be more advance as it offers far more editing tools. If your one to keep it simple, stick to VSCO.

best vsco filters for nature


How To Fake Golden Hour

The last one in not an app, but it will be such a game changer on Instagram. Let me tell you the secret on how to achieve that famous glow.

Step 1: Set exposure to -1.7

Step 2: Contrast +1.0

Step 3: Saturation +1.0

Step 4: Highlights to +12

Step 5: Temperature: +1.4 and tint on +2.0

If you’ve already downloaded VSCO you can edit these details in this app. What are you waiting for? Become InstaGolden.


Want to learn a bit more? In the following video Chriselle Lim explains a bit more about the usages of these apps, who taught me all about the down low.

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Marian Van Reesch

Marian Van Reesch


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