How To Pose Like An Instagram Star

How To Pose Like An Instagram Star

Often when I’m scrolling through Instagram late at night I see all these amazing pictures posted by the Kardashians, Gigi Hadid, Dua Lipa, and many others.

After countless times of trying to recreate these looks, I still end up looking awkward.

So, for those like me who struggle with the standard IG pose, I’ve set up a list of poses we can all try out together:

Strut like Barbie

To start off is the “Barbie Foot” trend. It might seem peculiar in the beginning, but it has the effect of elongating your legs, making it seem as if they go on for days. The trick to this is positioning one of your legs towards the front. Next, stand on your toes, while the foot at the front is shaped into a point.

Even when your sitting down or leaning against something you’ll look amazing.

This pose not only has the illusion of lengthening your legs, but also making you seem like a graceful ballerina.

“I’m bored”

The following pose is perfect for those that want to seem effortless without even trying. Here you just need to tilt your head at an angle with the palm of your hand positioned under your chin. The trick here is to feather out your fingers a bit, making it seem more effortless. Also, either look into the camera with the expression of “I don’t want to be here,” or stare into nothingness. You could try this pose while sitting down or standing up while your other arm is wrapped around your waist.


You could try switching up this pose by putting your fist under your chin.

The Fawn

You might have seen some tutorials on this pose circulating on your Instagram feed, but it is such a good pose it should get a spot on this list. It is a breeze to achieve this look and it’s perfect for when you want to take some pictures at the beach.

Simply sit on the ground with your legs folded under you.

You might want to lift your body up a bit for a more sensual look, but if you’re looking for a more casual look just sit that booty down.


If you want to take your sexiness up a notch you could try out the “Straddle,” a pose that’s one of Kim Kardashian’s favourites (as stated by her). It’s similar to “The Fawn,” as it is positioned on the ground as well. The only difference between the two is that you need to spread out your knees more and push your chest forward.

It goes hand in hand with the increased attention being placed on thicker legs and booty in the last few years.

The Migraine

Another pose you might want to add to your arsenal is “The Migraine”, dubbed by celebrity makeup artist Nam Vo. The term itself did gain some criticism, however, for being named after the chronic headache condition. However, by posing this way you pull back your face a bit — tightening the skin which has the effect of highlighting your cheekbones and lifting your eyebrow.

So how to recreate this look is by pulling back your temples with either one or two hands.

Now we can all put our phones down and go to bed as we should.


Stay tuned for more tips on Beauty News!

Marian Van Reesch

Marian Van Reesch


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