Jimalie #BeautyBoss

Jimalie #BeautyBoss

Jimalie #BeautyBoss


We live in a generation where it is our duty (and often preferential choice) to buy ethically-conscious products for the benefit of our future. Good for the mind, body, skin and general health, organic products are changing the beauty game left right and center.


Introducing Jimalie, your answer to fairly-traded, organic, and sustainable food products that are equally delicious as they are nutritious.


Making their debut on Channel 10’s hit TV show, Shark Tank, entrepreneur Glen Richards made the Jimalee dream come true when he offered to invest in the brand. We caught up with owner, Jaypee Abraham as he shared with us the truly special and heart-warming Jimalie story.


Jaypee’s journey starts and finishes with his family. Newly based in the Central Coast, Jaypee and his family moved from sunny Cairns to find better schools and care for their middle child who is autistic. The dedication to providing their child with the utmost care has formed a strong part of their brand message and their passion for supporting other families in similar situations is apparent throughout their social platforms.


As most of you know, #Autism is a topic that is very close to our hearts here at Jimalie, with our eldest child being on the Autism Spectrum. No two #children on the Spectrum are the same and we celebrate each child’s #individuality however with a diagnosis of Autism, whether it be level 1, 2 or 3, also comes other common comorbid conditions. It can be challenging enough for individuals with Autism, and their parents, coping in this hectic world without having to deal with these commorbities too. So Is #nutrition therapy worth a try? “35.3% of 18-29 year old with #ASD also suffered with #anxiety disorder compared to 9.4% of Australian men who reported to have anxiety related conditions. (Fortuna et al., 2015; Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2018)” There is more to Autism than Autism, you can read more here: https://bit.ly/2L0gtQz (link in bio too) . . . . #autismawareness #nourishyourkids #autismacceptance #autismmum #centralcoastnutritionist #nutritionist #realfood #wholefoods #healthyfats

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The name ‘Jimalie’ derives from his Dad’s name, Jim, and Alie, a place in the Philippines that stands to remind us to be thankful for what we have and who we have, not what we don’t have.


Read on to find out what Jaypee had to tell us about Jimalie and what you can do to get on board with the revolution.


How is Jimalie changing the organic produce game?

Jimalie offers not only coconut products, but in a way, contains a deeper message to its customers. Our brand reflects the importance of gratitude in modern society. Each product label is themed around farmer illustrations to remind us of where our food comes from. In a way, a reminder for our customers to think about food and its importance to not only nourish, but provide income to poorer communities and families. We want our customers to be reflective, mindful and thankful for the products that sit quietly on their pantries. We offer products that directly link with farmers, completely transparent in our approach and offer them to western society that often is mislead of the truth when it comes to real food and the people who make the food for them. Most of all, we provide a relatable brand for modern families, having an autistic child and coconut farms, we often communicate the importance of our Food, Family significance and our Farmers. And to answer the question, ‘what does Jimalie provide that other brands don’t’ = sincere authenticity.


What products are available?

Jimalie offer a range of tasty products including allergen free Coconut Wraps, Coconut Amino sauce, and Coconut Nectar Vinaigrette.


If you could go back to your younger self when starting Jimalie, what would you tell yourself?

Only get advice from those who live their lives the way you picture your life to be. Weather it be lifestyle or in business. Take your time to ask the right questions to these people, be patient and focus on things that only either make you more skilful and/or can convert sales, especially at a startup level. This will result in minimising risk and get you where you need to be, faster. Be mindful of work life balance.


For other entrepreneurs out there, do you feel social media and influencers are a major contributor for a product and brand’s success?

Yes absolutely, partnering with the right influencer that can communicate your message to their audience can certainly be very beneficial to get your brand known. Their audience however, need to share certain values that are relatable. Social media in general is accessible 24-hours, we use our phones
as a tool to communicate and social media is just another channel to do so and our phones are an extension of our personalities and lifestyle habits (in a way). To utilise social media as an effective communication platform correctly, as well as link with the right influencer who can in a way exemplify your brands message, I believe this can have positive outcomes for brand awareness.


Who are some of your influencers?

My influencers consist from inspiration from my wife and her commitment to nourish her family. My father who used his last years on earth to helping others. In business, I consult and get amazing advice from my business partners who have over 30 years worth of business experience. I also have personal life advice as well as business advice from a friend who I surf with in the morning who is one of the people who are examples of a certain lifestyle I want. He too owns a successful business in the central coast.


What’s next on the cards for Jimalie? Will you be releasing more products in 2018?

Coconut jerky.


Help change the way Australians think about ethical food and check out Jimalie here.



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