Why tweed has made a comeback

Why tweed has made a comeback

Why tweed has made a comeback

There’s a perception amongst the male community that tweed is a textile that has been outgrown by the world of men’s fashion. However, the traditional look is enjoying something of a resurgence of late in the international market, thanks in part to high-end retailers like Godwin Charli and Harris.

Tweed is becoming a surprisingly versatile and hard-wearing clothing option that can suit an amazing number of lifestyles in all different weathers. Tweed has a lot going for it at the moment, and let’s take a look at exactly why.

It’s hardwearing and practical

Simply put, tweed can take a lot of wear and tear. It is a thick material that is also surprisingly comfortable, and it doesn’t weigh too heavily. The fact that people who spend a lot of their time outdoors in the countryside often choose tweed for coats and jackets speaks to the quality of the material in terms of keeping out the cold and withstanding potentially tricky conditions.

It is thick enough to keep you warm in the cold, but when worn well it can perfectly compliment a warm indoor climate equally well, making it a true all-rounder in terms of seasonal menswear.

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It’s incredibly versatile

Tweed has long had a fixed affinity with outerwear, such as coats, jackets and jumpers. However, the versatility of the material is now being exploited into ranges including full tweed four-piece suits, casual sweaters, everyday trousers and even basic collared shirts.

Tweed designers have also begun to expand beyond clothing into ranges of tweed caps, gloves and carrier bags to make the most of the strong and durable properties of the material.

Tweed has also been used in recent creations by multi-national brands such as Nike and Doc Martens in footwear, as though to complete the spectrum of versatility that it can provide.

It carries a perception of masculinity

The historical perception of tweed means that when it is mentioned, images come to mind of landed English gentlemen participating in a hunt or an old-school professor teaching at a university. Either way, it brings with it a traditional image of masculinity and superiority, whether this is correct or not.

For men searching for a classic aesthetic that still remains relevant, tweed is your saviour. It is a material that is synonymous with professional and socially upward people, and it is fair to say the same remains true now, with young professionals favouring it as a casual fashion.

Women can also make the most of it

There is a trend growing that is trying to take this masculine perception and change it – by showing that women can also rock a bit of pattern.

While being employed in arguably a more casual way largely for women, there is no doubting that this transition into the world of women’s fashion from men’s is an ode to the versatility and enduring popularity of tweed.

It has a long tradition with classical image

Sherlock Holmes. Doctor Who. More recently, Indiana Jones, Luther and the population of Peaky Blinders. What do they have in common? They have all been depicted in popular culture as tweed exponents. The patterned wool of Scottish descent has a long history of association with men of honourable and powerful stature, and it still turns heads in this day and age.

Similarly to the perception of masculinity, this can lead an observer to the conclusion that someone wearing tweed in the modern day can be seen in the same mould as these classic British protagonists – never a bad image to present for yourself. Even James Bond was known to rock the tweed look at times back in the day – and no-one can say that James Bond isn’t a fashion icon.

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Simply put, tweed is a multi-faceted textile that is fully deserving of its renewed place in both men’s and women’s fashion for its versatility and its brilliant throwback quality. It is capable of transforming any look into a more mature and masculine presentation, and very appropriate in this age of reverence of vintage fashion.


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