Find Your Scent With The Top Fragrances Of 2022

Find Your Scent With The Top Fragrances Of 2022

Find Your Scent With The Top Fragrances Of 2022

Finding the perfect fragrances and perfumes is important in creating your own signature identity and scent profile! From floral to fruity, fresh to warm, there are so many different aromas and undertones that it can be difficult to know which is right for you.

We’ve picked some of the top fragrances in 2022 to help you explore new and unique scents that you could try out to help you find your signature scent!



Dior Miss Dior Eau De Parfum – $267

This scent has become an icon of 2022 with it’s fresh, floral scent and beautiful packaging. Miss Dior has beautiful honey notes from centifolia roses, light, fresh scents of lilies and fruity notes from peonies. It smells just like a fresh boutique on a spring day!


The Body Shop White Musk Eau De Parfum – $42

This subtle scent from The Body Shop is a delicate fragrance that is so enchanting and calming. With its combination of jasmine, musk and aldehydes, you’ll be surrounded by the lean yet floral aroma. White Musk is the perfect fragrance for any season or occasion that you’ll never want to change!



Odesse Rose Wood Parfum Solide – $69.95

This year, we’ve seen solid perfume becoming more popular and Odesse has been at the forefront of this trend! This fragrance has a blend of juicy and sweet aromas of mandarin, strawberry, jasmine and rose, to produce a feminine yet deep product!


Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey Cologne – $229

Inspired by the scents in an English morning market, this fragrance from Jo Malone has stunning sweet aromas. The combination of cassis, honey and peach makes this fragrance perfect to envelop yourself in all year round. If you love sweet, fruity scents, this could become your signature scent!



Orb Oils Harper – $90

Relax yourself and feel ready for anything with Orb Oil’s fresh scent, Harper. With its notes of light lemon and rich amber, this long-lasting fragrance is perfect for everyday wear! The refreshing scent will have you remembering summer days, clean laundry and lemonade all at once.


Replica Sailing Day – $194

Be reminded of a beautiful day by the ocean with Replica’s fresh fragrance. This joyful product mixes atoms of seaweed, ambergris and coriander that you’ll feel fresh and alive every time you smell it. No matter the season, transport yourself to the coast with Beach Walk!



YSL Black Opium Eau De Parfum – $139

Inspired by the edgy, daring woman, this seductive scent is a bold fragrance with sweet and floral undertones. The luxurious notes of black coffee, warm vanilla and soft floral scents make this perfume so modern and a scent you can wear all day!


Byredo Super Cedar – $218

Explore a more modern yet powerful woody scent Byredo’s Super Cedar. With the warmth of cedar, fragrant rose and silky musk, you’ll feel enveloped by this genderless luxurious scent. Reminiscent of wood chippings, Byredo helps to transport you to a warm space all day long that you’ll constantly feel at ease. 


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