Top 5 Beauty Podcasts

Top 5 Beauty Podcasts

Top 5 Beauty Podcasts

If you’re anything like me listening to the same spotify playlist you made back in 2018 is getting a little tiresome. You may find yourself mindlessly driving, walking or just sitting BORED. Let’s change that, here are the top 5 beauty podcasts that are guaranteed to keep you entertained (and learning valuable, life changing, mind blowing beauty tips) just by tuning in. 

1. Breaking Beauty 

Hosted by longtime beauty editors Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins, Breaking Beauty has almost reached 2.5 mil all time listeners! The girls share with us inspiring stories and insight on some of the most iconic beauty brands, and how they came to be a part of the demanding and ever changing beauty industry. They also chat to some of the biggest names in the game whilst somehow making us feel included in the conversation. 

Breaking Beauty Podcast









 Listen to Breaking Beauty.

2. Fat Mascara 

Tune into Fat Mascara to access all the juice from within the world of beauty. This podcast is hosted by beauty editors Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Sullivan, who are both a bit beauty batty. The girls share miracle products and beauty bloopers. They talk to a range of industry experts such as dermatologists, colourists, manicurists and perfumers, giving us real insight on the world of beauty. 









Listen to Fat Mascara. 

3. The Emma Guns Show 

Surprise, surprise! The Emma Guns Show is hosted by beauty, health and lifestyle writer, Emma Guns, of course. In the podcast, Emma chats to all sorts of creators, authors and editors in the beauty industry on their experiences. She also has episodes that go in depth about pursuing your passions and finding your destiny, which are helpful to anyone – not just those in the beauty biz. 









Listen to The Emma Guns Show. 

4. Beauty IQ uncensored 

Adore Beauty has their very own podcast, packed with product reviews, recommendations and other beauty tips! Hosted by Johanna and Hannah, the girls dive deep into the world of beauty. They are super personable, down to earth and for these two – no topic is off limits. When the girls give recommendations or advice, it feels like they are sharing their beauty secrets with their friends, which makes tuning in super enjoyable. 

Beauty IQ








Listen to Beauty IQ Uncensored.

5. The Beauty Podcast 

Discovering That Beauty Podcast has seriously been life changing. It is hosted by none other than Carli Alman and Bettina Tyrrell, two of the most knowledgeable beauty editors in the biz. The girls take us back to basics, sharing tips on how to properly clean our skin, makeup brushes and guide us on what products are actually worth investing in. 

That Beauty Podcast








Listen to That Beauty Podcast.


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