Learn to Love Your Freckles!

Learn to Love Your Freckles!

If you have natural freckles on your face, you might not consider them a gift. If that’s the case, it’s time to turn the tables and start to love your freckles for the unique look they give you!


The problem is, we’re told from a young age that we should wear makeup to cover any perceived imperfections. But, what exactly is considered an imperfection? Surely whatever we have on our face makes us who we are?


That’s the way you need to start thinking about your freckles!


What Are Freckles?


To really examine this subject we first need to know what freckles actually are.


Freckles can appear anywhere on the body, but mainly in places where the sun is regularly exposed to your skin. For that reason, you’re most likely to see freckles on the face, the neck, and on the arms, but many people have freckles on their legs and chest too. There is nothing abnormal about freckles and they are certainly not something which needs to be corrected! However, if your freckles are causing you severe confidence issues, there are treatments you can try and plentiful cosmetics which can help to cover them up.


Of course, freckles appear as small spots in a brown colour and they’re caused by melanin overproduction. melanin is what gives your hair and skin a distinct colour, also called pigmentation. It’s not unusual for those who don’t have freckles initially to start using a sunbed or going out into the sun more often and then notice that they develop freckles afterwards. However, freckles can also be a genetic deal too and can be passed through the family.


Freckles tend to be more pronounced during the summer months when they can seem to multiply or darken in colour, but they can also be very evident during the winter months too.


Learning to Love Your Freckles


We mentioned earlier that you can do something about your freckles if you really don’t like them, but the preferable option is to embrace them and learn to love them as part of who you are!


Why? Because freckles make you unique. We live in a world where everyone is trying to look like everyone else. The Kardashians or Jenners try a new cosmetic look and we’re all trying to emulate it! Instead, why not simply be who you are and embrace your freckles for the unique look they give you? Own them!


In addition, freckles give you a natural tan, so you don’t have to wear as much foundation or bronzer to look sun-kissed. They also give you a natural glow which can only come from the sun, without actually having to go out and sit in it. Not only is this harmful, but it’s pretty boring too!


The final point? Freckles can help enhance the colour of your eyes. As a result, you don’t need to define your eyes quite so much, and they will sparkle and shine naturally.


Whilst anything which affects your confidence should be addressed, in the case of freckles, perhaps simply learning to love them is the best course of action?




Nicola Curtis


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