5 Must Have Skin Products For Summer 2018/19

5 Must Have Skin Products For Summer 2018/19

5 Must Have Skin Products For Summer 2018/19

Summer is here and the team at Beauty News are SO ready. Whether it’s a day on the beach, a night out with the girls or a weekend away with the boyf, your skin needs to prepared for the Aussie climate. To make sure your face is always beautiful and glowing, here are 5 must have skin care products for your Summer 2018/19.


MARIO BADESCU Facial Spray with Aloe, Chamomile and Lavender

The facial sprays from Mario Badescu are favourites in the Beauty News office. Providing a quick refreshing spritz, the sprays are infused with a bunch of amazing botanicals that love your skin. Brightening your face before or after makeup, it’s a must for hot Summer days.

Available at Mecca Maxima for just $10!

FLAWD BEAUTY Facial Cleansing Brush

These little beauties are a perfect addition to your Summer (and all year round) skin care routine. Using thousands of silicone tips, the front face of the facial cleansing brush applies gentle pulsations to your face, removing dirt, oil and improving fine lines. The back face acts a face massager, when used, increases the production of collagen, restoring the skin’s firmness and elasticity. Tick, tick and tick! And the best part is, they’re offering 15% off right now! Use code BEAUTYNEWS19 to access your discount!

Shop the FLAWD Beauty range

GARNIER BB Cream Oil-Free

When you’re running around during the Summer period, you want light-weight makeup options with maximum effect. Enter, Garnier’s Oil-Free BB Cream. Not only does it reduce signs of imperfections, pores and fatigue, it hydrates your skin and controls shine! With a matte finish, your face will be giving serious sexy (and not sweaty) vibes.

Available at Priceline for just $15.99

BONDI SANDS Liquid Gold Self Tanning Dry Oil

This dry oil is an tan-tastic option for your Summer tanning needs. Incredibly moisturising to the skin (unlike other tans that make you a prune), the oil is perfect for the night before tan or an hour before the party. You can sleep in it or apply and get dressed once dry.  As Bondi Sands longest lasting tan and doesn’t require wash off, it’s our choice for 2019.

Available at Priceline for just $19.99.

STARSKIN Magic Hour™ Exfoliating Double-Layer Foot Mask Socks

For the many beach days and walking around bare feet, your paws will take a beating this Summer. To make sure your feet stay silky smooth this season, these foot socks will become your next best friend. Both exfoliating and nourishing, the mask removes dead skin and calluses without any harsh products on your skin.

Just slip em’ on, read a book then you’re ready to rumble.

These lil guys are available at Sephora at $23.

Have any other must have products on your Summer 2018/19 list? Comment below!


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