Bridal Beauty: Tips And Tricks By A Royal Makeup Artist

Bridal Beauty: Tips And Tricks By A Royal Makeup Artist

Bridal Beauty: Tips And Tricks By A Royal Makeup Artist

2018 looks to be the year of Wedding Fever. Can a week even go by without a young couple shocking us by getting engaged? No, no it can’t. Hollywood won’t allow it.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, Karlie Kloss and Joshua Kushner. The celebrity love fest is never-ending.

Easily the most high profile wedding to happen this year is that of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The best kind of wedding is a Royal one after all.

Meghan was stunning on her big day, opting for a vibrant, dewy-skinned, natural makeup look that let her freckles shine through. Makeup artist Daniel Martin, Meghan’s longtime friend, was the man behind creating this look.

Martin revealed some insider tips to Glamour on how to achieve this effortlessly beautiful, timeless makeup look. Check out his best tips below:

Skin — Natural or Trendy?

“Right now in makeup, so much is covered up and masked by contouring, strobing, and creating this false dimension to what you naturally have. On your wedding day you want to look back at your photos and think about how great you felt in your dress and not be distracted by how trendy your makeup was in 2018.”

Skin — Natural and Dewy

“I started by prepping her skin with a clarifying toner, water-based moisturiser, and a Korean sunscreen that also acts as a foundation gripper to lock down foundation. Then I just balanced and neutralised any discolorations where needed with concealer and foundation. I like to use water-based foundations because it absorbs well into your skin without becoming oily over time.”

Eyes — Long Lashes and Warm Tones

“There’s something magical that happens to the irises of her eyes when you add warm tones of rusts or copper close to them (in the tight line or waterline). With this in mind, I wanted her eyes to almost “flutter” as she looked up at Harry (he’s 6’1″). I customised and shaped out some corner lashes to give her that doe-eye look, pulling them out on the outer corners. This added weight to her natural lashes without looking heavy.”

Eyes — The ‘Natural’ Smokey Eye

“The trick to this technique is to lay down a base of cream color all over your lid and layer it with an accompanied eyeshadow. I used shades of warm chestnut, cocoa, and smudge of rust into her lash line. This melds and breaks down naturally over time, creating a depth that appears smudgy and smoky in pictures.”

Cheeks — Radiant Glow

“I used a luminizer with a dual fiber brush to stipple on top of her foundation. I then used my finger to lightly tap a cream coral color on the apples of her cheeks to add a slight flush as well.”

Lips — Natural Flush

“I made sure her lips were well hydrated, but I opted for a tinted lip balm that gave color without looking like heavy lipstick. We wanted a natural flush.”

For the full interview between Daniel Martin and Glamour click here.

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