Kamuka #BeautyBoss

Kamuka #BeautyBoss

Kamuka #BeautyBoss

There’s no denying the fashion goldmine that is, activewear. We scour our Instagram feeds and online stores to find the perfect pieces that are functional and comfortable with a fashion flare. Australian made yoga and activewear brand, Kamuka, is inspiring women to “Live Free, Move Free” with their incredible activewear collections. We had the amazing opportunity to chat with the creator of Kamuka, 25 year old Sarah Puckeridge about the ins and outs of her amazing brand and how Kamuka is making waves in the activewear industry. 

Image Source: Kamuka

What products/product range does Kamuka provide?

We offer Activewear and Yoga Mats. Within our Activewear collections we have shorts, ¾ length, 7/8th length and full length as well as sports bra’s, sports crops and tanks/tees. We also introduced to our collection Reversible Activewear last year which has been a huge hit with our customers! Our Yoga Mats are printed with a K-GRIP technology innovation as well!

Price range of products?

Lowest price tanks – $45

Highest price yoga mats – $129

Why is this the perfect product for a girl (or guy) that likes to keep active?

Kamuka products have been developed here in Australia using the best fashion suppliers. The fit and make of the garments is focused on function, but with no substitute on design.  Our Active wear is perfect for women living an active life as it is comfortable, on trend and using moisture wicking fabrics for cooling features. Our mats are also perfect for yoga or workouts for men and women!

How is Kamuka changing the activewear game? / What does Kamuka provide that other activewear brands don’t?

We were the first brand in Australia to introduce digitally printed yoga mats, and then with the added addition of the K-GRIP technology this really put us at the top of the active industry in terms of innovation. We also recently introduced Reversible Activewear with different prints on both side which isn’t being done. We are really aiming to always keep innovating and keeping on top of the latest trends.

Image Source: Kamuka

For other young entrepreneurs, do you feel social media and influencers are a major contributor for a product and brand’s success?

Definitely. For me, a huge amount of our success has been through social media sales – the higher your social media engagement, the higher our sales increased. And to increase engagement, collaborating with influencers has definitely worked for us. In saying this, I have always stressed the importance of working with influencers that are in line with our values and beliefs and are keen to work together for mutual benefit. I’m not sure how much has changed in the past 5 years of our business, but I’ve definitely noticed a drop in influencer benefit for our brand. I think consumers are getting a little smarter about ‘sponsored’ posts and things like that.

If you could go back to your younger self-starting Kamuka, what would you tell her?

“You can totally do this”. I started Kamuka when I was 20 years old and I was overcome with doubt. It’s a really daunting task even though I worked within the industry and had amazing mentors and suppliers at my fingertips. There are so many moments where I wanted to ‘quit’ or I was overwhelmed by the competition with how many other Activewear brands there are. But you just have to stay true to yourself and your product and brand. Id also tell myself to organise my files better because my computer is a mess! Haha

When choosing influencers to review your product, what do you look for?

Someone that has the same ethos as us. Authenticity is huge for me and I always want to collaborate and work with influencers that genuinely love our product and are living a happy balanced life.

Who are some of your influencers?

We have worked with the beautiful @oceanastrachan and @nikki_ayres since our starting days and they have both always supported us through all stages. I adore them.

Also @beckjstevens , @sophiedulac , @brookenashhh , @caseboon , @relauncher_alison are some of our amazing regular collaborators and they all just live such full, happy and authentic lives.

There’s so many!

What are the major brand messages that Kamuka want to say?

Women want to feel beautiful and confident in what they are wearing and this means making a choice that enables them to move their body in a way that they love. Kamuka focuses on both aesthetics and function in creating all-rounder activewear and yoga mats that inspire women to move their body, and live a balanced and positive life.

Image Source: Kamuka

What’s next on the cards for Kamuka? Will you be releasing more products in 2018?

Yes we have lots planned for the 2nd half of 2018! We are looking at releasing some more yoga mat collections (collaborating with some exciting photographers!) and also some new Activewear products for later in the year as well! Definitely stay tuned.

Get your hands on Kamuka’s amazing activewear collections at www.kamuka.com.au

Follow them on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kamukaactive/



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