The Quick Flick #BeautyBoss

The Quick Flick #BeautyBoss

The Quick Flick  #BeautyBoss

In a fast-paced beauty industry where individuals are trying to find the next best product, usability is often overlooked. Shark Tank approved beauty hack The Quick Flick is sweeping Australia and overseas. As a cruelty free, easy to use and life proof product, The Quick Flick allows the everyday gal and guy to achieve the perfect winged eyeliner look, every time they apply. We spoke to 22 year old founder Iris Smit about how her brand and products are breeding confidence among makeup users.


What is The Quick Flick?
It is the worlds first self-inked eyeliner stamp that is customised for each eye and is 100% life proof by being water, smudge and sweat proof. The Quick Flick caters for all eye shapes, types and preferences by offering 3 sizes – Petite 8mm, Modest 10mm and Grand 12mm.

Not only do we love winged eyeliner, but we also love animals which is why creating an eyeliner formula that was cruelty free and 100% vegan was important. We will be extending our formula shortly, with a new colour dropping this week. We hope to extend the Quick Flick into a large range of colours to cater for all likes whilst extending our product range of quick and easy makeup solutions.

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Price of products?
Each Quick Flick package includes two pens, one stamp for the left eye and one for the right.
On the opposite end is a felt tip liner that can be used to fill in, shape and create the rest of ones look. A single kit retails for $34.99 and contains 7g of product (A standard eyeliner normally offers 0.5 grams so you are getting heaps of value for your money!). We also offer a saving of 15% if you opt for one of our Combo Packs (2 sizes) or our Triple Pack (with all 3 sizes).





Why is this the perfect product for a girl or guy on the go?

The Quick Flick is not only a timesaver it is a lifesaver! I’ve had too many breakdowns and puffy red eyes from battling with my regular eyeliner pen. With The Quick Flick you can achieve the same size and shape wing with every single application and in a fraction of the time! Now you can do your liner anywhere…at home, in the car, on the bus…wherever!!!


How is The Quick Flick changing the makeup game? What does The Quick Flick provide that other makeup brands don’t?
At The Quick Flick, we strive to challenge the beauty industry, taking a different approach than traditional cosmetic brands. Growing up I noticed that a lot of brands profit from their consumers by using advertising material that highlights our ‘flaws’ or what we are bad at. How often do we see advertisements that are telling us we need to “banish our dark circles” “reverse the signs of ageing” “fix your grey hairs”. I am taking a different approach by going out there and saying it’s ok, we cant all be the skinny model on the billboard, we can’t all be professional makeup artists…its OK not to be perfect. The Quick Flick is simply a tool that women (and men) can utilise to improve their makeup skills, because we don’t all have the skills or time to be perfect 24/7. In addition to this, we also aim to represent all aspects of beauty. From women in their 40s, to women with 4 kids, to teenage girls in high school, to men and boys who also love to wear makeup. I think consumers are crying out for brands to go back to basics and to just be REAL!

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For other young entrepreneurs, do you feel social media and influencers are a major contributor for a product and brand’s success?
Absolutely! Our target consumer heavily uses social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook when shopping online and when making decisions about brands to invest in. Utilising influencers not only helps with creating brand awareness but also adds authenticity as people from all walks of life are testing and reviewing the product; not just models and celebs which seem so out of reach to the everyday consumer.





When choosing influencers to review your product, what do you look for?

As mentioned we try to represent a large array of people, so we don’t really have a set list of guidelines when scouting influencers as the product can essentially be used by anyone! What we do look for are users who engage well with their following, by being open, honest and real. People who essentially align with our core brand values. One of the bigger influencers who represented us on her own accord was @hudabeauty and in many ways Huda aligns with our brand for the reasons discussed above.

Who are some of your other popular influencers? 
Mums on the go: @blessedindoubles @hannahpolities @emileehembrow
Male influencers: @luckymartinezz @makeupbymichaelfinch @jjamiekyle
Girl power: @jen14jen @aubriemua @sukhimann_

What are the major brand messages The Quick Flick?

Breeding confidence not only in yourself but spreading it amongst others.

Creating makeup solutions that are quick and easy to achieve.

Creating equality among makeup users. There are no boxed criteria’s you need to tick to be a Quick Flick user. Everyone can achieve perfect wings, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, face/body type, lifestyle etc.

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From your recent debut on tv show Shark Tank, you received an amazing $300,000 investment from serial investor Andrew Banks. With some help from the new investment, what’s next on the cards for The Quick Flick? Will you be releasing more products in 2018?
We hope to eventually move the range into an umbrella company, Quick Beauty. Which will house The Quick Flick range and other beauty products that revolve around the same concept of ‘fast, easy and attainable to anyone’. Moving forward, we also hope to branch into retail as being an e-commerce business only 3% of our sales are currently in stores. Retail outlets will give users a great opportunity to trial the product in person and to choose their desired size. Retailers I have my eyes on are Priceline and Mecca locally and perhaps Sephora one day on an international scale.

We are dreaming as BIG as our winged eyeliner!


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