Versace Goes Fur Free

Versace Goes Fur Free

Versace Goes Fur Free

Donatella Versace announced that the high-fashion brand Versace was going fur free. During an interview for The Economist’s 1842 magazine, the brand’s chief designer said  “Fur? I am out of that. I don’t want to kill animals to make fashion. It doesn’t feel right.”

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The International Humane Society responded to Donatella’s claims by stating:

 Versace is a massively influential luxury brand that symbolises excess and glamour, and so its decision to stop using fur shows that compassionate fashion has never been more on trend,” said Claire Bass Executive Director of Humane Society International UK. “Such influential brands turning their backs on cruel fur makes the few designers like Fendi and Burberry who are still peddling fur look increasingly out of touch and isolated.

Despite Donatella’s claims and high praise, the brand is still yet to formally announce the fur-free decision. As no date has been set for when the production of fur products will come to an end, the designers claims are still technically unconfirmed. In fact, you’re still able to purchase a rabbit fur cushion valued at $1,450 on the Versace website. Here’s hoping Versace follows the lead of other influential designers like Armani and Gucci on the fur and cruelty free approach to fashion.


Here’s a list of High Fashion brands that have gone fur-free:


Bottega Veneta

Calvin Klein


Hugo Boss

Kate Spade

Jimmy Choo

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Michael Kors


Ralph Lauren


Stella McCartney

Tommy Hilfiger


Vivienne Westwood


We are so glad Fashion is changing for the better, for a more environmentally friendly and sustainable world and even better, a cruelty free lifestyle.  



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