This Season’s Hottest Nail Colours

This Season’s Hottest Nail Colours

Every season brings new trends in fashion, be it hair, makeup, or clothes, but our nails need a fashion overhaul too! The holiday season is almost upon us, and that means a darker, more sophisticated look to our talons. The catwalks are not just about outfits, they’re about nails too, and this season’s fashion shows saw some delicious shades to try for yourself.


Metallic Grey

Any shade of grey, be it dark or light, is perfect for this transitional season, but make sure that there is a slight shimmer of metal to it, to really fit in with this season’s trends. Best kept for fingernails, rather than for your pedicure however.


Midnight or Navy Blue

A fantastic colour to try on your toes, a midnight blue is sophisticated and is the ideal shade to see you through, towards the party season approaching.


Metallic Plums/Purples

The great thing about purples and plums is that they can easily be taken through any season, but when you add a slight metallic shimmer to them, it really rocks the Christmas and New Year trend. This one is ideal for a manicure with a special twist.


Metallic Chrome

Paint your fingernails chrome and then add a lick of glitter onto your ring finger on each hand, to transform a somewhat dull look into something extra special. Again, this would also look great on toe nails, with the shimmer on your big toe.


Burnt Orange

Of course, the sun is shining, so you don’t want to go too dark, but we also have Halloween to contend with! Burnt orange shades are therefore fantastic for a manicure with a seasonal twist.


Dark Reds and Bright Reds

Red will never be out of fashion, and as we approach the holidays, a bright red talon is always going to be ultra sexy and ultra glam. You can go for a dark shade if you want to tone it down a little, or you can go all out and be blood red. The choice is yours, but make sure your fingers match your toe nails in terms of shade!


Silver Glittery Shades

Come on, who doesn’t love an all out glitter? If you want to go for full on sparkle, there is a trick to make sure you that you get as much glitter onto that nail as possible. Take a make up sponge and coat the tapered edge with your glitter polish. From there, dab gently to transfer the glitter onto your nail, distributing evenly. This cuts out the annoying patches you may get with a painted on glitter polish.


Which one of these nail trends are you going to try first? The glitter looks fantastic for nights out and will really sparkle on toes down at the beach!

Nicola Curtis




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