Indigenous beauty brands you need to know about!

Indigenous beauty brands you need to know about!

Indigenous beauty brands you need to know about!

In light of the global Black Lives Matter movement, we at Beauty News recognise how important it is to amplify the voices of our most vulnerable. In Australia, Indigenous Peoples are some of the most discriminated and oppressed people in our country. However, it doesn’t have to be like this. If we unite in supporting our most vulnerable, then we can pave the way for a more harmonised and equal future. 

The team at Beauty News has compiled a list of the top 5 Indigenous beauty brands you can support today!


1. Bush Medijina

Bush Medijina is a Warningakalina owned native botanical brand committed to building and strengthening Indigenous culture in the Groote Eylandt region. 

The Warningakalina people in this region suffer some of the harsher effects of colonisation such as poorer health, low employment, and domestic violence. As a response to this, Bush Medijina was raised as a community initiative to inspire community connection and cultural wellbeing. 

As a completely woman-owned business, Bush Medijina draws on the traditional practices passed down through generations to make their native botanical range. Bush Medijina’s range includes balms, lip balms, soap, clays, and hair oils.

Be sure to check them out here. 

2. Indigiearth


This an award winning, 100% owned Aboriginal brand committed to delivering sustainably and natively sourced products. Not only does this brand offer essential oils, hand sanitisers and soaps, it offers a wide range of Indigenous bush foods like coffee, teas and chutneys!

This exceptional Indigenus brand was founded by Sharon Winsor, a Ngemba Weilwan woman from WA, who after a traumatic life journey, found healing in returning to traditional knowledge of bush food and medicines. Now, Sharon is passionate about sharing the rich and diverse food culture of Indigenous Peoples to the mainstream. 

For Sharon “Indigiearth is more than just business. It’s my healing, my passion and runs deep within my soul,” – Sharon Winsor.

If this peaks your interest for your next COVID regulated event, explore their products and services here

3. Juddarnje Skincare


Juddarnje is a natural, chemical free skincare brand, specially designed to soothe, nurture, and protect skin. Working with the natural cycles from the earth, Juddarnje draws on the traditional wisdom from the Bundjalung tribe to deliver the highest quality, natural products for your skin. As traditional custodians of the land, Juddarnje was started by the Slockee family, who wanted to showcase Indigenous knowledge and healing in a way that is both sustainable and effective. 

Now Juddarnje has an extensive range of skin products which embody this wisdom, providing a new way to care for your skin.

The Juddarnje skin care range includes oils, essential oils, botanicals, soaps, hand creams, and more. All at an affordable price. 

If you’d like to explore their natural range and support Indigenous knowledge, click here. 


4. Dilkara: Essence of Australia


Dilkara is easily one of the most inspired Indigenous haircare brands to date, encompassing every aspect of Indigenous culture into their products. 

Started by a Kamilaroi hairdresser from Sydney, Julia, Dilkara came to fruition after Julia’s long chain of hairdressing businesses. Through her business career, she realised how important it was to have a sustainable and knowledge supply chain of native products. Since then, Julia has built an Indigenous empire, which connects Aboriginal culture to the Aus hairdressing community. 

Dilkara means rainbow and reflects the philosophy of Dilkara. The colours of the rainbow, not only reflect the colours of the sky, but can represent all the colours even on our head! 

Dilkara products are naturally and sustainably derived from Australian natives. Their haircare range offers shampoos, conditioners, heat sprays, hair serums, and even curl enhancers. 

If you want a deeper treatment for your hair, explore Dilkara’s range here


5. Native Secrets 


Native Secrets was started by an Indigenous couple, Phil and Cherie Thompson. Coming from the Central Western Queensland tribes of Kara Kara/Bidjara and Wailwan people, this couple has a deep spiritual connection to their land and culture. This wellness brand is committed to sharing the culture and ancestral stories of traditional medicines from native australian flora and fauna. 

Native Secrets celebrate their Indigenous heritage by using an abundance of native flora such as GumbyWhite Cypress, Quandong and Gideya, coming together to heal your skin, naturally. 

With the most gorgeous logo you can find on the market, the Native Secrets range includes body washes, soaps, essential oils, shampoos, and even candles. 

Prepare to be inspired by these native products, and check them out here.


Phoebe Repeti


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