How To Air-Dry Your Hair Fabulously

How To Air-Dry Your Hair Fabulously

How To Air-Dry Your Hair Fabulously

We’ve all had those days when your alarm just doesn’t ring, you’re struggling with what to wear, and time is simply running out. Sometimes, in the rush and stress of the morning, we have to make a very difficult decision:  

Doing both hair and makeup? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

So here’s how to air-dry your hair perfectly and avoiding having to look like a hot mess or a dripping wet pup.

Cut is key

This might seem useless in the heat of the moment, but if you’re one of those ladies that always seem to run late, go for an easier haircut. Opt for a longer cut as the weight will make it less likely to frizz up.

Towel dry

Take a couple of minutes to really work out most of the water with a towel. By doing this, your hair will be dried by the time you’ve arrived at work. Small bonus point: you’ll have some added body to your hair as well.

Lightly comb through it when it has become to knotty, but don’t overwork it as you’re going for natural.

A little something

Do you tend to look like an alpaca when air-drying? Try applying a wave or curl cream, as most hair is naturally a little bit wavy. The difference between these items and other styling products is that the latter are often heat activated.

When you have fine or straight hair, apply a bit of oil instead. Only at the ends though, as we want to retain most of the volume.

If you want a bit more boost, look into the brands Bumble and Bumble and OUAI as they have great products specifically designed for air-drying – try OUAI’s Soft Mousse for subtle volume and Bumble and Bumble’s Don’t Blow It for light texture.

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Source: OUAI/Sephora

Go with the flow

Create more waves by making one big, loose braid. Twist and clip the braid below the crown to lift the hair up and give it more of a boost.

Ashley Olsen's Volumized Waves
Source: Allure


Ever noticed that catwalk models often have their hair perfectly framing their face? A trick they often use backstage is by tucking your hair behind your ear, and pinning it up with a metal hairpin to exaggerate the bend.

Source: Sydney Style

No touching

It’s possible that braiding still takes up too much time, or that those hair pins have disappeared once again. The trick now is to simply not touch your hair anymore.

When skipping these steps that provide volume, you’ll have to make lemonade with the lemons you have left. Only give your hair one last scrunch it at the roots, and now stop touching it.

With these tips in your back pocket, you can run out of that door glamorously.

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Marian Van Reesch

Marian Van Reesch


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