How To Glow Like A California Girl

How To Glow Like A California Girl

How To Glow Like A California Girl

Hailey Baldwin is the all American girl. This blonde beauty sums up a California girl in all the right ways, especially with her glowing complexion. Hailey revealed to Vogue her 5-step guide to achieving her California Glow in a video filmed by Lucas Flores Piran at the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills.

Here’s the breakdown:

Step 1

Hailey starts with a fresh face and adds Glow Drops by Dr. Barbara Sturm before adding her Tom Ford concealer under the eyes and taps it into her skin.


I was always told to tap your concealer don’t rub it in.



Photo Source: Net-A-Porter

Step 2

Onto bronzing, she uses her Tom Ford palette all over her cheeks and blends into her hairline.

In terms of her brows, she says “I usually just brush them and kind of call it a day”. Hailey then goes in with her Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer Blush and brings it across her nose so it appears she’s been hit by the sun. She then goes back in with a Tom Ford highlighter to the nose, cupids bow,  before finishing the base off with her Giorgio Armani Face Powder on her oily spots


Photo Source: Vogue

Step 3

Hailey reaches for the same bronzer for her eyeshadow colour and melts it in with her fingers and then adds a layer of her MAC mascara on top and bottom lashes to open up her eyes.


Step 4

She goes back in with her Laura Mercier powder highlight to achieve ‘that glow for the gods’, and then blots on a light layer of her Sisley Stick for a natural lip finish


Photo Source: Sisley Paris

Step 5

Most importantly, Hailey finishes the look off with SPF setting powder to protect her skin.


Watch the full video here!


Get glowing girls! Xoxo


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